Saturday October 19 starting at 9:30


Meet at Oceanlife Aquariums and be chauffeured to 4 other stores: ADG, City Pets, FJW & That Aquarium Place



• $400+ raffle item at EACH store, totaling over $2,500.


 • Additional 15% off livestock at each store


• Many store giveaways.


• Lunch provided.


• $30 Deposit is required to reserve each seat.

Your deposits will be returned at the start of the event in the form of "Marsh Bucks" spendable at any one of the stores during the event. (You will receive six $5 credits that can be used 1 at a time or all at once, whatever you decided. but they must be used at this event and will have no value once the event is over. They are not redeemable for cash.) So yes, technically you will need to spend $30 refund at some point throughout the day on yourself.


• Raffle at each store for a total of six raffles.

You will receive one raffle ticket to enter into the raffle at each store. Also for every $10 you spend in a store, you will get one additional raffle ticket that you can use in that store's raffle. The more you spend in that store, the more chances you have to win that raffle item. We will draw a winner as we leave each store.