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  1. alstang1

    FYI…my COVID patients have tripled in the last week

    So many questions, but I will limit it to one. How many of those patients play the hokey pokey game? People really need to turn off their television. I like you but I strongly disagree here. Never has a sequel or prequel virus been more dangerous or contagious in the history of the planet than...
  2. steveb

    chiller recommendations

    IRC @Andy had his chiller running outside and covered it with a vented enclosure (to keep the chiller dry). Plumbed through the wall. I use a portable A/C in my fish room (closed off the tandem portion of my garage) and although it keeps the room at 74°F (tanks run around 78°F) year round the...
  3. C

    Member Spotlight - June 2021

    I assume this is favorite photo of a fish, but I'm going to have to submit photo of my favorite fish. When I bought a house I tore down my 210G but set up a smaller tank to keep select coral and fish. Mainly my first fish, a randall's goby, and my clown pair. The clowns are premium snowflake and...
  4. steveb

    Alk match

    Yes. I actually watched the Alk/Ca/Mg rise when I first started using Reef Crystals vs. regular IO. I started using acid to knock the Alk in the reef crystals down. I’ve started buying regular IO again but have 1 more bucket of reef crystals to use up. it is beyond me why these manufacturers...
  5. steveb

    Live Streaming

    Hello we are looking at doing some development to add a live stream box on the forum that will rotate through various URLS. Curious to see if anyone thinks that is worthwhile Also considering whether we (admin/moderators) feed the urls to the live stream widget or do it off of a custom field...
  6. A

    Bulk Reef Supply Reaches Out to Texas Reef Keepers

    Would the Admins please read and act upon this offer from BRS? Thank you! Dear Valued BRS Customer, We at BRS can't believe what this storm has done to the state of Texas. Our hearts go out to all those who have been impacted. One of the reasons why we love the reef keeping community so...
  7. tjohnson3

    No power

    My heart is breaking and prayers go out to all fellow reefers experiencing losses at this time. Watching this thread is like watching the news in a war-torn country... so many casualties 😞 I know it’s disheartening and may not be the right time, but try to think of it as an opportunity to start...