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Recent content by BadFish

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    Blue Skimate

    I was wondering if anyone else has ever had blue skimate. I am looking at my skimmer right now and the foam is blue...bright blue. There is no external explanation such as household cleaning or anything else. Its really weird, normal amount of foam just blue. Anyone else seen this or know of a...
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    Check out these pics from the new digital camera...amazing

    Got a new digital camera, the olympus stylus 770 SW, it's waterproof to 33 feet and fits in the palm of your hand, cheap too. Tested it today and it takes great pictures...check them out! They are all from inside the tank. http://www.flickr.com/photos/11572988@N02/
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    Opinion on pumps please

    I need to get a pump equivalent to an Iwaki 70RLT (high pressure). I have been looking at pan world, gen-x, and some others. I need some opinions on these brands, how does everyone like their Gen-X? how about pan world? any other brands recommended?
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    Psammacora asexual reproduction

    Just thought someone might be interested in this: my psammacora looks like it is dropping a bud, the circled part looks like a bubble and is very loose, actually moving in the current. Maybe scerlite can answer this, isn't this a hard coral? I haven't heard of asexual budding in sps before. You...
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    Anyone ever use this RO/DI system or heard of bad things about it? http://cgi.ebay.com/WaterGeneral-RO6100-DI-2-OUTPUT-REVERSE-OSMOSIS-RO-DI_W0QQitemZ120075274733QQihZ002QQcategoryZ20756QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
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    my xenia are sick

    need some help...I have some xenia in my tank and it has been doing great...growing like a weed. However the past few days the heads have lost their deep pink color, almost to white. They do not stay open very long at all. I also have a very healthy population of anthelia that is also not...
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    Anyone know if you can cut up ricordea like you can regular mushrooms? Mine are good size now and I would like to have several. If not any one know if they will just split or what? Thanks.
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    german products

    So I have relatives in Germany and my birthday is coming up, any ideas on what I should get for my tank? I need lighting, and perhaps filtration stuff. I know about ehiem and it is not that much cheaper in Germany from what I have seen. I know the best bulbs come from there but I do not have MH...