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Recent content by BigRick

  1. BigRick


    :confused2: https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/reefing/Colored-Pvc
  2. BigRick

    RedSea vs Waterbox

    I have a waterbox 220... only complaint is the stand is not built to have a big sump or fuge.
  3. BigRick

    For Sale Dry Rock

    Has had a 'light muratic acid bath'. $40 some.big pieces.
  4. BigRick


    That's a 3 1/2" clown for reference. Below is a normal sized one. It's the same as the small. Black and white.
  5. BigRick


    I've never seen one over an inch big. This guy is about 1.5". Time for harlequin shrimp. That star will definetly eat coral.
  6. BigRick

    I hate aptasia

    Yeah I used to breed these regularly but I dunno about this time. May start over. They're all in 40b now with no fish/predators so ill give it a couple more weeks. If I still don't seem them I may take a sledge hammer to one of the big rocks. All the rocks are 40+lbs, so I'm hoping they're just...
  7. BigRick

    60% chance of tropical development

    Yup Natural Gas prices are rocketing on the futures market. They know everyone has a home backup generator now to pay for the freeze.
  8. BigRick

    I hate aptasia

    Lucky, I still haven't seen one.
  9. BigRick

    Blackoutz coming to you....

  10. BigRick

    Blackoutz coming to you....

    Hong Kong? See how their personal choice turned out. You are told what to do. They have a social system ranking there
  11. BigRick

    New Tank and back in the hobby

    Just wair for the heat ridge/dome to settle over us next month... probably 100* plus for July Aug... gonna be hot this yr.
  12. BigRick

    Member Spotlight - June 2021

    Took me about 50 shots and 2 hrs to come up with these crappy photos, he's superfast and doesn't stay when you tell him too. .. here's your wrasse Tony...Super Male Lineatus
  13. BigRick

    I Hate Vermetid Snails

    They will eat any snails for that matter, usually astreas that flip over and cannot upright.