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Recent content by Dainese954

  1. Dainese954

    Want to Buy Ato reservoir

    Have a trigger emerald 10g ato $100
  2. Dainese954

    Want to Buy WTB Icecap 1K cap

    Thank you but I think he has the one I’m looking for
  3. Dainese954

    Want to Buy WTB Icecap 1K cap

    Great!! Thank you
  4. Dainese954

    Want to Buy WTB Icecap 1K cap

    The whole shebang is too strong for my IM10. Would need to cap half of it off, but lost the box with my original part in it. So here I am. Please let me know if you’re not using yours and would like to sell it.
  5. Dainese954

    For Sale Splendid dottyback

    Pm me I’m actually going there tomorrow around 3
  6. Dainese954

    For Sale Pair of small fox faces

    The regular fox face just got sold, only the spotted remains.
  7. Dainese954

    For Sale Splendid dottyback

    Heights but going to Katy tomorrow afternoon