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    Salt not mixing clear

    Fritz rpm has been great for me so far but I screwed up and left the bag open for a week. It’s all clumped up now. I’ve done my best to break it up and mix it well but the salt will not mix clear. Never had a problem with that before. Is it trashed? You guys have been very helpful with all...
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    Green Hair algae

    Tanks about 6 months old. 29 gal. 2 small fish, emerald crab, a few snails. Lights on on 8.5 hr cycle. Kessil light that I run mostly blue. I feed once daily very sparingly. Use long pipets to spot feed fish so very little waste. Nitrate say between 5-10. I have a Hannah phosphorus ulr...
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    Hey, my calcium, magnesium, and alk are all a little on the low side. All corals look great, A few lps and zoas. I was hoping the 20 percent weekly water changes would keep levels up but I guess not. 29 gallon tank no skimmer. Have a dosing pump on the way and was wondering what are you...
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    Testing equipment

    Recently purchased 29biocube. Using all dry rock, wil get it curing today. Planning on keeping soft/lps. I’m looking for recommendations on testing equipment all I have so far is a refractomoter. Have been looking at Hanna phosphate tester to check progression of dry rock cure. Necessary...