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  1. Disher

    Looking for macro algae

    If you’re still in need of macros, I have some available if you’d like. Located in Cypress.
  2. Disher

    Reef Currents Raffle - Get those tickets out...Are you a winner?

    It was a great show. Exceeded my expectations. The only complaint I have is the venue seemed pretty tight and crowded, but that’s a great problem to have. Thanks for the help organizing, I’d love to get more involved next go around.
  3. Disher

    What did you get at Reef Currents 2021?

    I scored a gold hammer for $40! Pretty happy with that purchase but my second favorite is a bright yellow rock anemone. Great turnout, I was not expecting that many coral vendors.
  4. Disher

    Reef Currents Raffle - Get those tickets out...Are you a winner?

    How do we claim the prizes? I’m ticket #0020
  5. Disher

    Cobalt heater sale

    Not sure if this is the appropriate place but wanted to get the word out ASAP as it’s a great sale. All heater sizes are $15. https://www.cobaltaquatics.com/collections/heaters-1/products/accu-therm-heater?mc_cid=1700b2f20f&mc_eid=2d996533e2
  6. Disher

    Any Opae Ula owners out there?

    Not all that odd considering I said algae, not plants. I could also add mangroves, but looking for more of a macro algae that will do well in a small system. Chaeto is the only algae successfully kept in brackish systems, at least that’s all I could find. You make a good point on trying a marsh...
  7. Disher

    Any Opae Ula owners out there?

    Starting up a few small containers for these “super shrimp”. Would love to hear about some locals experience with these critters. I will be putting them in a brackish environment. I read chaeto is the only known readily available algae to survive in brackish.
  8. Disher

    Want to Buy Ceramic bio media

    Do you have any ceramic media laying around not being used? Looking for a small amount. Thank you!
  9. Disher

    Back in the Saddle - Waterbox 70.2 - Floating Reef

    I love that floating reef! Can’t wait to see the progress.
  10. Disher

    Deer Park Chemical leak- Shelter in Place order

    I hope you’re feeling better.
  11. Disher

    Deer Park Chemical leak- Shelter in Place order

    Sounds like methyl mercaptan was released from Lubrizol which is used to intentionally odorize natural gas. Nasty stuff but more of an odor nuisance if that makes sense or makes you feel any better.
  12. Disher

    New to Marsh - Cypress, TX

    I’m not on IG but I might have to join to see the updates. He’s not active on YouTube unfortunately. Good luck with your tank, looking forward to seeing updates.
  13. Disher

    New to Marsh - Cypress, TX

    I don’t have a planned stock list, just some ideas floating around. When the live rock gets delivered, it should have various macros on the rock. I’m going to see what survives the initial die off and go from there! But I’ve kept macros in the past, codium was one of my favorites. I’ve never...
  14. Disher

    New to Marsh - Cypress, TX

    I purchased through Salty Bottom. They offered smaller live rock packages(5-10lbs). Smaller outfit but it’s been great working with them, very communicative.