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Recent content by Fjmm91

  1. Fjmm91

    Member Spotlight - June 2021

    I just picked some up, this is a lawnmower right, and they bolt as soon I get close to the tank, so I can imagine how hard it was to get this photo 😆
  2. Fjmm91

    Member Spotlight - June 2021

    Here's a photo of the fish I feel has the most personality in my tank, besides my bully GSM BB, Leroy Jenkins, my yellowtail corris wrasse who's starting to transition. Couldn't get a regular photo so I had to record him for 3 min and just screenshot the vid lol
  3. Fjmm91

    Acan Growth Discussion

    All the acans I got did the same thing. The 2 heads grew to 2-3x the size of when I first got them from the store and then a few months later exploded with new heads from seemingly out of nowhere. These photos are from August, November, and February. Don't have a more recent photo since lights...
  4. Fjmm91

    April BINGO Night sponsored by Aquarium Design Group (ADG)

    didnt realize i had got taken off the list for the adg visit bonus cards.
  5. Fjmm91

    April BINGO Night sponsored by Aquarium Design Group (ADG)

    Yeah just left adg, both the employees said they haven't been told anything about what's going on with bingo and didn't have a list. Said people keep asking about it and they didn't have any idea what it was about lol Kept my receipt though.
  6. Fjmm91

    Hydra 32 vs. XR15?

    So which black boxes do you use @Cody ? Got a link?
  7. Fjmm91

    Help me WIN Cade giveaway

    Good luck! Let us know how it goes
  8. Fjmm91

    Calling all seahorses!

    Have you heard anything about seahorse.com? I've been slowing getting this 40 breeder ready to be a seahorse tank and was planning on getting a pair from there once I was ready
  9. Fjmm91

    Might be aiptasia?

    Yeah the peppermint shrimp haven't touched it, but it's more the fact that it looks nothing like all the photos of aiptasia so didn't know if this was a good hitchhiker or a bad one
  10. Fjmm91

    Might be aiptasia?

    Not sure if what's growing on my cheetah mushroom frag is aiptasia or not, does anyone know if it is or not for sure? Haven't had aphasia before.
  11. Fjmm91

    The Copper Window

    Have a quick question, I have have been quarantining my fish for 11 days, raised copper level with cupramine over 4 days to around .4-.45mg/l. My fish have been in this copper level for 7 days and today noticed my regal hippo tang flashing a little bit after feeding. Worried copper had dropped...
  12. Fjmm91

    100 yr freeze

    My generator crapped out last night. Worked fine all day mon. Tues. And Wed day but Wed night cut it off to refuel for the night and then started getting the co error and shutting off. Tech support said it could be a faulty sensor since my genny is outside and I had already changed the oil...
  13. Fjmm91

    Coming soon Feb 13th LIVE Sale... I hope yall are ready! LIVE SALE STARTS HERE

    You might be joking but after seeing how valuable a generator is, I'd definitely be down if that was a grand prize [emoji3] Sent from my SM-N986U using Tapatalk