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Recent content by Greg24/7

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    Help with bubble magus filter roller

    Anyone have any experience with filter rollers? I just got one set it up and it worked fine. Went to replace the roll as it was time and now it can only handle like 100 gallons per hour where before I was running almost 1000 through it. Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions?
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    Giving Away Caulerpa Macroalgae - Cypress

    I’d take some, I’m in cypress too.
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    For Sale Teal Kandy Kanes

    I picked up a pair and these are beautiful and healthy. Opened up right after I put them in the tank.
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    Giving Away Free Chaeto, Cypress

    I’m searching for some also whenever you might have available
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    Favorite milliepora

    For some reason milliepora is doing much better in my tank than acros, what are some of your favorite millies and why?