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Recent content by ITreefer

  1. ITreefer

    I only had to wait 489 days...

  2. ITreefer

    Want to Buy PC Components (video card/RAM/CPU cooler)

    Building a PC and looking to save a little bit. Let me know if you have any of these components laying around used or new. Looking for DDR4 RAM Mid to high end video card and any core i7 CPU cooler you may have. PM if you have something
  3. ITreefer

    Changing RO membrane

    The instructions on the membranes I use say to flush for an hour, though thats for a single membrane. I don't flush DI resin either.
  4. ITreefer

    Want to Buy EMERGENCY! Need ATO

    I have a 3152 you can use until you get it replaced. PM me and I'll set you up. I can have it ready tomorrow afternoon
  5. ITreefer

    found an intresting video

    I believe this has been in circulation longer than you've been alive. Therefore, you are prohibited from using it in the future :devilish::LOL:
  6. ITreefer

    Death Of A Hammer Coral

    I've away thrown away many euphyllia skeletons, clearly a mistake :oops:
  7. ITreefer

    Clownfish eggs?

    Unfortunately, not eggs. Likely calcium or spirorbid worms
  8. ITreefer

    Want to Buy I’m new in this hobby and I’ll appreciate recommendation.

    What part of town are you from? There are many great fish/coral stores in town, the best of which are sponsors here. @fjwaquarium @That Aquarium Place are a couple good examples.
  9. ITreefer

    Any SQL users with experience

    Have at it, Im a little backed up at work ;)
  10. ITreefer

    GSM biting off BTA tentacles

    WOW :oops: That poor nem. Never seen that before, but I have not kept maroon clowns. That looked like a very intentional rip. Personally, I would seperate them if that behavior continues.
  11. ITreefer

    GSM biting off BTA tentacles

    Its pretty normal for them to (for lack of a better term) 'suck' on the tentacles of a new nem. I've never seen them rip tentacles off though. Hopefully it was only a couple lol
  12. ITreefer

    Any SQL users with experience

    I could probably provide some assistance in this matter. Alternatively, a tool like this is very useful for such things: SQL Validator
  13. ITreefer

    Want to Buy WTB Rotifers

    We had a hatch last night. I went to add rotifers to the larvae tank this morning and discovered that my rotifer culture had crashed. Seems as though rust dripped into the bucket from a clamp, that's my best guess anyway. I'm hoping someone nearby has a rotifer culture so I can feed these...
  14. ITreefer

    Happy Holidays: Sign-up for a token of appreciation from MARSH

    The link is broken for me... just tried.