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    Algae ID

    Dosing nitrate and/ or phosphate definitely works in my experience. Limiting skimmer time also helpful.
  2. ITreefer

    How should I start my first saltwater tank

    Welcome to MARSH! Are you planning on having a sump in your new setup?
  3. ITreefer

    My water sucks

    That's unfortunate. As a city dweller, I have no experince with this. Your watermill plan sounds viable, though definitely a pain to have to do that regularly. Good luck
  4. ITreefer

    MARSH Site Update Activity

    Nice looking dog
  5. ITreefer

    Sulfur Denitrators

    Interesting. I'll definitely follow along, but I have no experience with these.
  6. ITreefer

    Local builder for a frag tank?

    I got my glass from a local mirror and glass shop. Shouldn't be hard to find.
  7. ITreefer

    For Sale Large Purple Monti Capricornis 12"x10"

    I saw this coral yesterday when I picked up my hammer colony. Very healthy tank and corals (y)
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    For Sale Micro brittle stars

    I don't know if there was spawning event or what, but when I got home from work today there were micro brittle stars all over the rocks and fan bed. I took advantage of the opportunity and scooped some up. Let me know if you need these for your tank or refugium. I started with five and now have...
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    Want to Buy Frag tank

    I think pet city can provide that service as well, but don't quote me on that
  10. ITreefer

    Want to Buy Frag tank

    You looking for something rimless, or will a rimmed one do? Animal Ark in Kingwood can order you a lowboy frag tank and you can pick it up from their store.
  11. ITreefer

    Local builder for a frag tank?

    Awesome! It was pretty easy, even for a first-timer. If you can, try to take pictures and document the process on a DIY thread (y)
  12. ITreefer

    Local builder for a frag tank?

    @xaflatoonx What did you end up doing?