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    disposing of things in NW houston

    For anyone looking to chunk large household trash. You’d need a current utility bill and a DL with an address that matches the serving areas in the link below. Neighborhood Depositories & Recycling Centers
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    Quick i Need advice on how to trap stray cats

    ATTACH=full]16522[/ATTACH] Update: Brought the gang in today and have their babies factories removed LOL. Vet bill came out to $260. Think imma create a GoFundMe or start selling plasma soon :) Still got 5 girls I need to trap in the upcoming weeks to get them spayed. TFR!
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    Cats will always be birds, rats and dogs PE #1 :)
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    What was your first job?

    Worked in the kitchen from prepping food to washing dishes. I swear i must’ve sweated a pound of fluid a day from the hot steams. Started out $5.45/hr and felt like a hotshot :)
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    Quick i Need advice on how to trap stray cats

    Update: Did my round of nightly feeding and this little guy ,whom i had never met before , darted out of nowhere and rubbed against my legs. How is this even possible? A stray dog, maybe, but not a cat. I’ve always been told a stray will never approach strangers. Well, this encounter shattered...
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    Quick i Need advice on how to trap stray cats

    I stand corrected. CAPS performs surgery for free although space is limited and you must book in advance. I called and they do loan out traps Too. Posting this to get the words out for those that may need their services in the future. Thanks!
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    Quick i Need advice on how to trap stray cats

    Last time i was there, the fee to get your cats fixed is $75,IIRC. That was a while back. I’ll give them a call tmrw. Thanks! Found this video on you tube. It’s crude but i think it’ll get the job done. Just need to shore it up with more duct tape.
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    Quick i Need advice on how to trap stray cats

    Well, i plan on sticking around until i can trap at least two. Shouldnt take that long. I dont think my vet is willing to perform surgery on multiple cats in one go. I’d like to rig up a trap with stuffs i alreadybhave. Money is tight. Blew it on girls :ROFLMAO::LOL:
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    Quick i Need advice on how to trap stray cats

    For dinner ... :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: There’s a colony of ferals ,a stone throw away from me , consists of 10-15 cats that i like to TNR ( Trap, neuter, release) 2 are pretty tamed after getting fed by me every nite for the last 3 months. Shoulndt have any problems with catching dumb &...
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    For Sale Gold Torch

    I can vouch this coral is stupid good looking in person.
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    For Sale Gold Torch

    Will you take my first born
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    Research project about coral bleaching

    1. When i first started the hobby, i’ve noticed a multitude of corals dying in the ocean. My first encounter with said affliction was in 2008 when i snorkeled in the Phillipines. When i flew back to the States, the conservationist in me wanted to do further research and hopefully implemeting a...