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Recent content by madehtsobi

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    Need Window removal...

    Hello So I’m moving and I’m in need of a window removal to get stand in! Does anyone here do that kind of work or know of any good companies that does it? The window seems to be a dual pane with aluminum frame. Here are some pics Please PM or post here for recommendations. Thanks...
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    What is he doing??

    Blue Hadonni Carpet releasing... - YouTube Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Who doesn't like nori??

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    NLS pellets has worms...

    So this is second the time I've had issue with this brand of pellets. I haven't opened in maybe 2-3 weeks and when I decide to I see thousands of tiny worms crawling around... Anyone else have this issue? https://vimeo.com/193296563 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    guest account

    hi BODs paypal charged my account a few days ago and my account is still a "guest" can someone please check it for me? thanks!
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    Random video of the day!

    Here's a quick video...just fed them nori! =) https://vimeo.com/163895990 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    So I just noticed this... Can anyone see what's missing? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    iphone 6 plus!

    so whose getting it?? ive been waiting for a bigger screen! i just love apple products! i was always a windows user and built my own and fixed my own and still fix our stores computers every now and then but man...no viruses and have to format and reload all your crap and random fatal error...
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    kore 5th doser

    anyone in houston use this doser?? Kore 5th Doser |
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    What are these??

    So I just started seeing these orange/black things all over my glass Sucked a whole bunch out.. Any idea??
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    something wrong with my booster pump setup...

    i got a new check valve that Russ suggested and sent in my pressure switch to russ and he tested it and said it was working. he sent it back to me and im still having this issue where my booster pump will turn on randomly for like a minute even though my barrel is full of water and then shut...
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    Jebao Twins Linkage Controller

    anybody have one of these yet?? http://www.fish-street.com/jebao_twins_linkage_controller?category_id=126 thinking of this or just using my apex and getting it wired up to control 4 pumps....
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    slow at work.....

    dave came over to our new house and did a fantastic job of wall mounting our tv! right after installation! after a lil clean up... wife still needs to decide what kind of wall mount stand for the equipment so i can get rid of that table!
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    steel stands

    hellooo does anyone have a hook up that makes steel stands? wanting to get a quote.. PM or post if u do thanks!
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    something wrong with my booster pump setup...

    so i recently got a booster pump kit from buckeye.. im pretty sure i installed the pressure switch, strainer, shut off solenoid valve correctly. i also have a float valve in my brute trash can where i store the ro/di water question is... after the water is full in the brute the booster pump...