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    E-Marco 400 Aqua Scaping Cement

    We can work out a time when we can meet up, I just need to pick it up before I grab my rock from David.
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    E-Marco 400 Aqua Scaping Cement

    Steve I'll take the full bucket 214 952 3513 Oscar
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    For Sale $5 forest Fire Digi frags

    I'm interested let me know when I can stop by. 214-952-3513 -Oscar
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    For Sale 180 GAL Ghost PA, Apex, ATI, and more

    BAH !!! Why do I always miss the sells in which i need items!!
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    Any SCUBA divers on here?

    The wife and I are doing cozumel again in january. I'm hoping we can get another 10 dives under our belts.
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    2019 pond tour

    David, my wife has been wanting to build one out back, we have a huge yard for living in town. Let me know about the may 11th tours. I'll see if she can get that day off. -Oscar
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    ICP Test Result

    Ah cool with the BRS study. I'm curious if you get a direction correlation between phosphate to phosphorus levels? Or is there a conversion factor.
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    ICP Test Result

    Has there been a correlation yet with elevated levels of Calcium and faster growth rates? I usually just keep it between 400-450. As for the Phosphorus, is that a direct 1-1 conversion to P03/Po4? Or do you have to multiply it by a factor similar to the Hannah checkers?
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    Anyone going to Aquashella dallas late march?

    I'll be there, my family lives there! So I just have to commute!
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    Reef Currents 2019 Annual Call For Volunteers

    Count me in for Saturday Afternoon. Raffle area or Vendor entry.
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    I just bought 1/4 from benswangers at a very affordable price. Give them a call and ask if they have 1/2 glass
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    For Sale 140 gal system, time to move it out

    Hey I'll buy both eheims. I'm pming you.
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    Cure for STN / RTN...Finally!!!

    Those are really pretty!! Awesome tank!!
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    Cure for STN / RTN...Finally!!!

    Hey guys oftentimes i see people forgetting the bigger picture of why we are here either on a forum or in a store, wherever we are. We want to create nature in our homes! If you guys are enjoying the argument then continue it. Otherwise it's sometimes best to walk away and let others be...
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    For Sale Some SPS for sale

    I forgot to add two corals. I have a green pavona for $10 its a pretty big piece, and two dragons breath one for $15 and another for $10 UPDATE 02/28/19 PAVONA IS SOLD **************************************************