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    Another reason tangs are the best

    My tangs are pretty lazy tbh. I do see my Kole and Sailfin always nibbling but i see patches of GHA on my pumps that they don't touch.
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    Need help getting rid of green hair algae

    If someone hasn't mentioned it yet. Vibrant does wonders.
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    Radion Gen 5 Blue and Pro coming soon?

    Ecotech pays the bills I bet!
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    Radion Gen 5 Blue and Pro coming soon?

    I'd go with reefaholic here. The orpheks are great so far! I love that they don't splash the entire living room blinding my wife and I while we hang out. The acros seem to love it too!! I can't speak with respect to uptake though because I think it's relatively low right now through battling...
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    There's a group text ... I wasn't invited either
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    Vibrant - LFS?

    I get my feeder rats for my ball python from there. I think one of the guys that runs the SW used to manage fish gallery. He was very knowledgeable in freshwater and planted tanks.
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    Tang Care

    That's fair keep in mind from what I understand only certain tangs are susceptible to ich. Outside of my blue Tang my other tangs are robust. Or so the experts tell me :). I've also had a yellow Tang for about 2 years no ich in my 75g.
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    Tang Care

    I spoke with a local LFS who has tended to give me great advice over the years. Apparently he doesn't carry Power Blues because you WILL deal with Ick at a certain point! Its too bad I would have loved to have had one, however I got the next best thing! A Dory!! Which I subsequently heard have...
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    2019 MARSH Holiday Party Dec 14th

    Natalie and I had fun!! I'm disappointed we couldn't hang out longer.
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    How often do you change your water?

    I don't water change ... Seems to work for now. I dose the red Sea a b c and d and so the icp tests a couple times a year.
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    Are Sumps Worth It?

    Yes sumps are def worth it. If money is tight go with a 10g or 20g aqueon run a cheap cfl or led with some chaeto. Wait on the skimmer. I would see if you can get some cheap glass cut for the separators.
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    Freshwater mollies in reef/salt water tank

    So let me get this straight no ick resistance in the mollies? I think this would be cool but having an ick magnet kinda scares me.
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    New Tank (180g) Upgrade looking for some options

    I thought I would resurrect this old thread... Since I finally got the tank up! Here are the pictures! I gotta say, this tank looks absolutely amazing!!
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    Pool Party Frag Swap

    Hey reeftopia. I'm down, any weekend except June09-17th and the 29th