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    Odds of Successfully Keeping Two Large Angels in a 180 gallon FOWLR

    I have a 180 gallon tank that has a Niger Trigger and some damsels in it currently. I was thinking of getting two juvenile angels and letting them grow up together. I was thinking of getting an Emperor Angel and maybe a Blue Face Angel. What are the odds of them doing well together as adults...
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    Anyone know where I can buy magnesium chloride in Houston?

    The magnesium chloride made by Dead Sea Works that Home Depot sells is a lot cheaper than what you buy from a pet store, but the Home Depots in the Houston area do not sell it. Has anyone come across any in Houston?
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    Rock Wall

    Today I finished a rock wall that I have been making for my 110 gallon.
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    Professional Tank Maintenance

    Does anyone know of a person I can hire to maintain my saltwater tanks? PM me if you do. Thanks.
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    Fish Tank Maintenance

    Does anyone know of a person that maintains tanks for a fee? PM me if you do. Thanks
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    Need Some Calc Reactor advice

    What calc reactors do you suggest? What type of set up is best for not lowering the ph? I also am interested in something that is easy to use.