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    Why can't I post in the for sale sections?

    Oh well, I'm moving or I would have signed up. Thanks
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    Why can't I post in the for sale sections?

    It says I have insufficient privileges to post Thanks
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    Nothing growing in my tank

    Tank is a 50 gallon cube and has been running since April. I've been very slow to add things to the tank as I feel that nothing good happens fast in a reef tank. In that time, I've only added a couple of small frags and an anemone. 1 small frag of zoas, 1 single polyp blastomussa, and a sunset...
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    Setting up first tank in nearly 12 years

    I recently moved here from Austin and I've decided I want to give the reef tank another shot. I tore down my last tank back in 05 I believe. I had a custom 120g that was SPS dominated. This time I'm going smaller with a 50g rimless cube. I had been eyeballing this style tank for several years...