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  1. R-BallJunkie

    Are the coral reefs really dying??

    OK, here's a list of where i have dove..... Kosrae, Chuuk, RMI, Pohnpei, Bali, Thailand, Philippines, Guam, Maldives.....there's more places but don't want to bore you. My 2 cents. Yes, coral bleaching due to persistent high water temperatures is 100% real. I always make a point to ask the...
  2. R-BallJunkie

    film on water surface

    I have a peninsula setup, pumps and overflow on one side only. i have a film that gathers at the far end. i chalk it up to circulation pattern plus the auto-feeder with smaller type foods such as coral frenzy. I break up whats near the edge with the cleaner magnet and it seems to eventually...
  3. R-BallJunkie

    Conditioned vs. qt

    Welp. every damn fish ordered from saltwaterfish.com DEAD. They ship in ounces of water, no NDA before 12:00. good news is full store credit. Somebody slap me in the back of the head the next time i think about placing an order with them. ALL the fish ordered from dr. reefs eating and doing...
  4. R-BallJunkie

    Conditioned vs. qt

    I did a write up. Not sure how his process works....maybe he buys from wholesaler after order, with extra fish just in case.... QT's or at the very least "holds" the fish for XX time. given the time it took to receive (+30 days), i dont think there's that much of a differentiator between the...
  5. R-BallJunkie

    Dr Reefs Quarantined Fish vendor review

    Here's my vendor review for the above. End goal is to be unbiased and give an honest opinion. As with anyone that's been in the reefing game awhile, i've been burned with adding that 'just one more fish' to my tank, wiping out everything days afterwards. Fast forward a couple of decades, I'm...
  6. R-BallJunkie

    New electricity rates

    do you get a check after so often?
  7. R-BallJunkie

    Tear down begins!

    No drop down shelf?
  8. R-BallJunkie

    New electricity rates

    I have a 30A in my garage. went to home depot, got the right sized romex and abandoned the old outlet, ran a new romex and installed the right outlet for about 50 bux. I wouldnt consider using a 120V for primary charging. 30A is a good midpoint for charging, i can bring it home dead empty at 8...
  9. R-BallJunkie

    How much for a new roof?

    referral? kickback like we talked about....BRS GC or i badmouth you.
  10. R-BallJunkie

    How much for a new roof?

    Get with Ross. He did my claim from the winter storm. Win-Win in my book as he got the numbers up from the initial adjustment. No BS, no games, will work with you to get the best price. Fascia is no big deal, he can hand a whole remodel if needed.....just don't let him stare at your tank too...
  11. R-BallJunkie

    New electricity rates

    I put a turbo on mines.....much faster now.
  12. R-BallJunkie

    New electricity rates

    3700, gasp....for a 3/4 ton. i paid 500 bux for a 1T in 2019.....damn post rona pricing.
  13. R-BallJunkie

    Skimmer Sizing

    buy the used reef Octo if its a a decent price...i'm kicking myself for not going RO sooner. Damn good equipment. The elite series has different materials to allow for ozone injection vs standard RO.
  14. R-BallJunkie

    Using a Tablet for Neptune Apex Display

    It's dark....how can you tell? :)
  15. R-BallJunkie

    Visual Representation Of Spectrum Depth Penetration

    Brr, too cold in Hawaii to dive :)