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    FedEx & UPS did it again!

    as stated you can do will call with fedex and pick up at 9am. I think ups is a different story. Here they wouldnt let me pick up until 4.30. If shippers wouldnt ship fedex I dont order from them. One reason i quit live aquaria
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    How timely is this generac

    A more efficient unit will make your gas go further. And if all your worried about is your reef tank your good. But if its really hot your small unit will be a waste of time and money. Heat will take you down if your wife doesnt do it first.
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    Stupid Rain

    Yes I have, He has listened in the pass. I believe he is kind of busy right now so I will wait my turn.
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    While I think its possible some parts may come back it will never be the beauty if was so trash it.
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    Generac tip

    Today was bad but I learned a valuable lesson about my generac. Wife calls and say elect has been out for a while. Said the generator came on but not the elect in the house. Ok so Im 40 minutes away but on my way home. Not worried about my tanks after an hr but koi are of some concern. upon...
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    Stupid Rain

    Been watering everyday for about a week now its been so dry here. Twice including today have gone to Houston and had it rain on me so hard I cant see the road for 10 miles. Today returning home Im saying finally getting rain. 1 mile from the house its pouring half mile and it stops. A drizzle...
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    Using these as phosphate reactors but they can be used as a nitrate reactor and or carbon reactor. dimensions 27 tall 8 inches wide, Retails $380 These will T off existing pump and do not require a seperate pump. 150 each. They are each filled with enough media to last for years.
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    Di Resin

    I always did bulk off ebay but then I use to go thru a lot of resin.
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    For Sale tuxedo urchins

    Very large very nice $30 each
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    For Sale clean out

    $400 for everything all corals left 4 very large montis, 2 very large cup corals Few pieces large sps and lots of loose frags. Mushrooms and misc. You will need a large tank for this small tanks need not apply. This weekend only. most everything pictured and then some.
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    Tuxedo urchin

    probably will be these need to go to a larger tank.
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    Tuxedo urchin

    $30 for 1
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    Tuxedo urchin

    I have 2 large ones not going to make the move.
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    Tank Transfer Method

    Buy a jug of liquid bacteria for quick start. Lots of different brands
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    How timely is this generac

    Agree with Steve would need to remove generac be fore listing or its considered permanent.