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    For Sale WTT higher end acros for other higher end acros

    Come by next time your over this way.
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    For Sale Tank and saltwater livestock for sale

    will take all the fish but tomato clown some corals also can see pics of corals. pm my number
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    New babies

    I have had bird nest and procillipora spawn in my tanks numerous times but this is a first. Have baby montis popping up not sure of what kind as there are several that are similar. Will do pics when they get larger. tine
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    HI772 Alkalinity Checker Reagent inconsistencies

    I have had the same problem with hanna alk tester. First bottle of regent that came with tester was dead on, bragged how good it was. Second bottle my first reading on both reef systems was really low. again the next day really low so doulble checked with my Salifert kit. Salifert 9.2,,, hanna...
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    Blue Clove Polyps

    Done all that I can do. Sometimes tearing down landscape can cause lasting damage
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    Blue Clove Polyps

    Feel your pain. took out and replaced hole rocks but still to many to deal with.
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    Missing Long Tentacle Anemone

    They can shrink really small and hide in a rock. may show up in a day or 2
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    New Bayer Dip: Anyone Using It?

    complete insect killer as shown by Cody
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    New Bayer Dip: Anyone Using It?

    Bought 3 bottles yesterday at Lowes of the right stuff so the good stuff is back on the shelf. Be sure because the wrong one will be painful.
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    Gem tangs

    Anyone see the story of Gem tangs coming in at $280 They must have found a real sweet spot for collecting them.
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    New Bayer Dip: Anyone Using It?

    About a yr ago I bought a bottle with different ingredients. Didn't hurt the corals but wiped out most my fish within 30 minutes. It is importaant to check the ingredients even if the bottle looks the same.
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    Cheap Chinese reef lights

    don't buy unless they are the 120 wt consumption keep looking they sell them all the time
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    Cheap Chinese reef lights

    Cody and I use the same lights bought off ebay but they have to be the right ones not all created equally
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    For Sale Acro Colony $150

    does it have a name? Cant tell by the pic whats the color
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    trek 5200

    size 56 full carbon Ultegra components. $400