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Recent content by Ross tha Reefer

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    Transfer question

    Tearing down one of my all in one tanks for the rocks and livestock, putting them in one of my new builds. My question (dumb as it may be) is this, when transferring fish do I need to be concerned with passing the cynobact as well?
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    Ok so I spoke with some people at BRS who state that the safe bet is to coat with a non toxic epoxy resin? Sounds like it should work but we will have to see if it is still reactive to the black light after...
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    Soooo not a good idea? It’s not submerged what is your opinion???
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    Thnx! Almost done with it...just don't want to go through all this and destroy what Im building with the build itself lol.
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    Touche señor Noob! At any rate buy with confidence as the man provides quality at more than reasonable prices, he's definitely taken a few of my doll hairs! :cool:
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    How will I know if the paint leaches anything into the system? None of it will be submerged but still…what would I look for???
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    RedSea vs Waterbox

    Just saw the poll lol sry
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    For Sale Purple Stylo - Cut to order, cheap XL frags $10 - $40

    I’d like to come check out the tank and do a little shopping…I’ll be inTomball next week again and could come by then!
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    RedSea vs Waterbox

    I just bought an older WB and love it! I really dig the TRUE 2 filter sump system…water is drawn down through one sock and the back over a second for a true double filtration. Don’t get the point of the triggers etc that have that second sock…it just sits there and doesn’t get any action really...
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    TNT discounts

    Honestly I’m not sure but I think I saw one more! And actually my first time there! Good size store…and hooked me up!
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    TNT discounts

    Ok yall, TNT is going out of biz due to the owners desire for retirement. They are wheeling and dealing…I picked up a Trigger 26 new in box for $325 out the door, 2 Ice cap Gyre flow pumps with controller for $280. If you need anything new now is the time over there!!! Just some friendly info...
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    Giving Away Feather/fern Caulerpa

    I’d like to pick some up tomorrow mid day if that’s possible!
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    Nem tank down!

    Man am I having issues posting... Tapatalk refuses to let me login and I keep getting kicked from the site wth gives????? I need my marshians lol someone help