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Recent content by RR-MAN

  1. RR-MAN

    Lowe’s has generac in stock

    So wrong dude :kev: :nono: :lmao: I was so worried about my TV and radions. Something happened our master bath no power. I did reset the breaker but nothing.
  2. RR-MAN

    For Sale Tunze Care Magnet STRONG

    Tunze care magnet used less than a year - one of the best magnets. sold my Red Sea tank so no need for it. Also, i put it in tank only at glass cleaning time otherwise it stayed dry. Price: $60 [BRS sells it for $94] https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/care-magnet-strong-0220-025-tunze.html
  3. RR-MAN

    For Sale 400g+ Full System Sale

    We all want a tank like this but unfortunately most of us don't have the space or the wife's permission... Bump^^^
  4. RR-MAN

    Blackoutz coming to you....

    hehe Don't start me on this. Watch breaking bond on fox26...oh my goodness. These liberal judges just letting murderers with 3-4 felonies go. I was surprised even Kim Ogg/Houston Police Chief were blaming the liberal judges. We have become worse than Chicago/New York/Los Angeles.
  5. RR-MAN

    Lowe’s has generac in stock

    Don’t mind me asking how much was the total labor/material cost (rough estimate)? excluding gen cost.
  6. RR-MAN

    Love oil...

    Dang... I guess government wants their money back [stimulus payment]. They take it back slowly but surely. What a joke....this administration.
  7. RR-MAN

    chiller recommendations

    I would enclose part of the garage and install a mini-split unit. Running a chiller in the garage in this Texas heat - chiller is gonna be running non stop. By the way, did you sell the house?
  8. RR-MAN

    What type of pre filter are you using on your tank?

    This stuff works great - reusable and easy to clean and cheap.
  9. RR-MAN

    Lowe’s has generac in stock

    Looking good- Depending on code I would’ve installed that monkey 3 ft high [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] With Houston flooding you never know.
  10. RR-MAN

    For Sale Neptune apex WXM module

    In good working condition Note: if your ecotech equipment is mobius ready this will not work. PROCE : $60
  11. RR-MAN

    Dont do this yourself

    Yes [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] Take it easy David
  12. RR-MAN

    For Sale Neptune AFS - Neptune Fish Feeder

    Used for a very short time - in excellent condition. Note: Must own a neptune apex to use not a stand alone unit- connects with Aqua Bus cable (not included). https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/automatic-feeding-system-neptune-systems.html PRICE: $50
  13. RR-MAN

    Pond Tour

    Can you direct me to a good source to buy few small butterfly koi’s. Lost some big palms so I have a great spot for a small 8x4 pond. I just want 4-6 butterfly koi’s.
  14. RR-MAN

    Blackoutz coming to you....

    That’s horrible ...we are not a third world country. It’s sad to see one bad politician can destroy so much in such a short time [emoji22][emoji22][emoji22]