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Recent content by SCUBAFreaky

  1. SCUBAFreaky

    BRS Sale Today Plus Free Money

    They're giving away 20 grand worth of Apex's today plus some other goodies as well. They're going nuts this week!
  2. SCUBAFreaky

    BRS Sale Today Plus Free Money

    I placed my order around 1:30 PM this afternoon...and my order didn't end up shipping today. They must have been completely swamped!! I've got my fingers crossed that I'll end up with some goodies in my box nonetheless.
  3. SCUBAFreaky

    Running a DSB pros and cons

    I recommend caution with the oolite sand or any other sand that is similar to a sugar-sized particle. The smaller particle sand does not stay put in higher flow tanks. I know you're considering a few SPS and for the flow that is required you may have issues with the oolite blowing around...
  4. SCUBAFreaky

    BRS Sale Today Plus Free Money

    Not sure if this is the appropriate forum for this but BRS has many items for 10% off today. But the big news is that they are also randomly giving away $20,000 worth of gift certificates today as well. So if you have some stuff just sitting in your shopping cart, today might be the day to...
  5. SCUBAFreaky

    For Sale BLOWOUT Sale!

    Just curious, what is this thingy?
  6. SCUBAFreaky

    For Sale Scribbled, Orange Belly Regal and Asfur Angel Trio - getting ready for a move...

    These are a beautiful trio of Angels for sure. How big is the tank they are being kept in? Your tank looks awesome with all of the "invasive" coral. That's an awesome concept for sure! And just curious, why are you parting with them? The tank they're in just too small?
  7. SCUBAFreaky

    Candy Cane Coral in Trouble

    I actually have a Space Saver Skimmer that should fit in my sump. I have stand alone pumps for both the Algae Scrubber and the UV filter so I may have to move some pumps around to get all to fit. When I switched back from fish only to coral I never brought the new skimmer online. My old...
  8. SCUBAFreaky

    Swimming pool reef

    Oh? Any more info on that?
  9. SCUBAFreaky

    Share your Phyto and/or Pod Culturing System

    I've never heard of this Poseidon system before until Jared just posted that video. Looks awesome! I am also very curious what folks think of it. And Steve, you asked one person but I am also curious what all folks are doing with their cultures. I have a mandarin that I'm thinking about...
  10. SCUBAFreaky

    Candy Cane Coral in Trouble

    I'm still struggling with some sort of water chemistry issue. I've been able to get the nitrate levels up via dosing (thanks @Cody!) but not all of my corals have returned to what I consider normal. Looks like I've stopped the dying of my candy canes but they are still not completely happy. I...
  11. SCUBAFreaky

    Coral Identification

    I agree with the others. The LPS looks like a 2 tone teal candy cane that is unhappy and ready to split. @Erin, does this look similar to the 2 tone candy cane that you have?
  12. SCUBAFreaky

    Topic Marin Salt Mixes

    I've been curious about this salt as well.
  13. SCUBAFreaky

    Getting back into the hobby

    Howdy! Can you help get us in the ballpark of what specific ways you are looking for some help either for your 40g apartment build or for your future large peninsula build? Not knowing what type of tank and system you previously had experience with makes us not sure where/how to help you...