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Recent content by shahid85

  1. shahid85

    So I'm Building Stuff Again. 150g Plus Fish Room.

    Are we having a room warming party when done?
  2. shahid85

    April BINGO Night sponsored by Aquarium Design Group (ADG)

    I was there at ADG, I asked about the list but they say there’s no list for the bingo, just had to write my info in a post note. Loved the Red Sea long reef tank. Wish my Ai prime 16 hd lights would look like the red sea led lights on their tank. Anyone here willing to share their light profiles...
  3. shahid85

    Happy Easter!

    Happy Easter Reefers
  4. shahid85

    Want to Buy Want to buy gsp & pulsing xenia

    Thanks. I sent you a message
  5. shahid85

    Want to Buy Want to buy gsp & pulsing xenia

    Hello everyone I’m looking to buy gsp and pulsing xenia two of my fav corals. I lost everything in the freeze and want to start over. I have gotten saltwater from two lfs and my tank is cycled and ready to go. Maybe it’s to much to ask but any small non expensive coral that can be also donated...
  6. shahid85

    Giveaway: Bubble Magus Curve 5 Protein Skimmer

    Got it. It’s just not hilighted so I couldn’t tell where to click. Thanks
  7. shahid85

    Who has an acrylic lid on their tank?

    Is it ok to have the aquarium top covered? I always had the glass lids that came with but never used them + had no way to clamp the lights using the lids.
  8. shahid85

    Please don't quit the hobby!

    I still can’t get over loosing my 9 yr tank fish & corals. I never sold a frag I gave them away because there was no price for my corals. My pair of clown fish had seen hundreds of fish come and go. I gotten them when they were 5 yrs old so they were aprox 14yr old fish. I feel lost and alone...
  9. shahid85

    Reefers Helping Reefers in a Disaster

    Thank you. How do I become a member? Have been coming here since I started. Have never sold a coral always believed in giving them out free. I just hope all the corals I ever given are still alive.
  10. shahid85

    100 yr freeze

    If only I had seen this message I would probably would not have lost all :(
  11. shahid85

    Reefers Helping Reefers in a Disaster

    I still can’t get over that I lost all my corals and fish that were 9yrs old. To many that have heard about my loss don’t mean anything to me was a bond between my reef tank. I turned the lights on and I see several mushrooms and palys that want to live. I don’t know what to do. Can I let the...