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    Acro id

    Thanks, I can’t take vey good pics for some reason?
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    Acro id

    Fastest growth in my tank
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    Zoa size

    So I just bought my first Zoa and what I received was very small, when open it is less than 1/8 of a inch. This is it closed and beside a ink pen. I got it online. I was told this is normal by the vender. Anyone confirm this?
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    Substitute for RODI?

    I’m giving away Rodi water 249 and spring cypress.
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    RO DI water

    Spring cypress and 249
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    I have Rodi water for giveaway for emergencies. I have a 80 gallon mixing station. If anyone needs it let me know. I’m near 249 and spring cypress.
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    Do all the Lfs look really bad right now or is it just me? I went to one store and one display had more aptasia than I have ever seen and very sick fish for sale. They have really let themselves go.
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    What’s your TDS?

    I range from 300 to 400 at the tap. This is my rodi sediment filter after about 200 gallons of product water. And that is after a 5 micron whole house filter. I live in Harris county mud district 5. Near Tomball.
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    Scape rough draft

    I basically just threw in the rock. Any pointers or advice?