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Recent content by TooMuchDog

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    Do you clean your sand bed and what technique do you use?

    I vacuum on occasion but my engineer goby basically never stops digging
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    Alk match

    If you have your alk and cal dosing stable won't your tank cal and alk naturally match your salt water eventually as long as you use the same salt all the time?
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    Discuss Were you prepared for the freeze?

    This is the solution I used. We just had a 400w inverter which was enough to run pumps and a single heater for around 6 hours. We used deep cycle batteries which are designed to be deep discharged so it doesn't mess up their life so much to drain them. I keep one on a battery tender just in case.
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    For Sale Some Frags for sale

    Careful, pectinia can be very aggresive! But it is such a good deal it's almost worth the risk
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    Marcus and Camille's 75 gallon

    Post freeze everything seems to have survived. We lost power for about a day and the apartment temperature got to 55F. We used a 400w inverter and car battery to keep a heater and pump running but still had to spend some time boiling water with a camp stove and the water still dropped to around...
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    For Sale Jason Fox Cry Baby Zoas

    Got some cry babies overgrowing my rock to get rid of. Willing to take trades as well. These guys look great and grow fast. Been fragged for about a month now and doing well. Most have new heads growing already. I'm located in Spring 1: 2 Heads $8 Sold 2: 4 Heads $15 3: 2 Heads $8 Sold 4: 5...
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    Live Streaming

    It sounds pretty cool. Might give me a reason to finally setup a webcam on my tank like I've been considering.
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    Freezing temperature and storage tanks?

    That depends on the depth of the vessel really. You're making me pull out my thermodynamics textbook haha. It will begin freezing at the surface. Because colder water rises. Then the sides and bottom last. At this point the inside will be liquid and will expand in all directions including...
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    Freezing temperature and storage tanks?

    Water expands by around 10% when frozen. So if it were me I'd probably drain around 15-20 gallons just to be safe but you should be fine.
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    Goni Keeping

    I keep mine in fairly low flow as well and have no issues. Phosphate 0.1. Nitrate 1. Alk 9. Cal 400. Magnesium 1600. Par 150. I feed weekly at the most powdered coral food. Not sure what my secret is but it's maybe 5x bigger than I bought it at 8 months ago
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    For Sale 650 Gallon Saltwater Aquarium + Equipment + Livestock

    I'm not sure my third floor apartment floor joists could handle this one.
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    I'm not an expert on this but from my understanding is that Alk and Cal get used at a pretty equal rate. Mag prevents them from precipitating out. So you want to make sure your Mag is a good level or else the Alk will just precipitate out. I've also read some stuff that says even if Cal is a...
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    I've got a hanna alk test that's pretty new so hopefully it's still calibrated well. I'm on Gosling if you wanna stop by and bring a cuvette of water i can test it for you.
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    So I'm Building Stuff Again. 150g Plus Fish Room.

    Interesting take. I am somewhat the opposite, though maybe not using the best LEDs I could for comparison. I had 2 AI prime 16's on my 4 foot tank and it really just looked like two spotlights on my tank that I didn't like much. Adding 4 T5s to my tank really helped the tank visually. Though I...