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    Want to Buy Frags in the 77095 area

    @Cody has some and he's willing to deliver. He might even throw in a free roll of TP if you purchase enough corals from him.
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    Want to Buy Small Window AC Unit

    Fan can be use as a wave maker during cooler months. $20
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    Want to Buy WTB Fish

    Took me 3 months to catch that sucker!! Gonna take his @$$ to Galveston to trade for a Red or Trout. Sorry @Tstew32
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    Want to Buy WTB Fish

    I got a SPS eating Foxface for you Cody. He turned your "dancing monti" into a "break-dancing monti". :threadjacked:
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    Nudibranch group order

    They get much bigger and darker after a big meal Mike. Kinda like corals/anemones after a feeding. The one in your pic looks like it haven't eaten in 3-4 days. The ones we got during the 1st group order were of a nice size though. Hope they take care of your aiptasia problem this time around...
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    Reef Crystal 200g

    Thought I would share this with the community. Great price but could change at any moment. I have ordered through them for years and never had any issue with my purchases.
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    For Sale Sps pack $95

    I'll buy it if it's still available. Missed out on a couple of your previous packs.
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    143, 145, 147
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    Reef Crystals @ Amazon for $39.02

    I'll try doing that with one of the box from this recent purchase. Like Tenny, I'll put it in the garage and see if it hardens up over time.
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    Freshmarine.com... anyone have experience?

    Caitlyn Jenner is looking for someone to love
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    Reef Crystals @ Amazon for $39.02

    Haha....You're going to call me out when you know exactly how I feel about them buddy. I only buy 10% of products they sell. That salt is made here in the USA!!!!
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    Reef Crystals @ Amazon for $39.02

    Poor folks like me have to shop at the "low-end" stores. They keep an eye on Amazon's price and will either match or beat Amazon's price on the IO Reef Crystal. Sorry for the late notice since it is now out of stock. I purchased their last remaining boxes. 🤑
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    Reef Crystals @ Amazon for $39.02

    That seems to be a frequent problem with the 200g boxes for me but I never had that problem with the 160g buckets. It must have something to do with their packages because the salt arrives good and hardens over time.
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    Adult filter?

    @second_decimal You might want to edit post #9 before the mods get on your f****** *********. 😂
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    What’s your TDS?

    That's seems extremely low Mike. Not too efficient at all. Have you recalibrated your meter lately?