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Recent content by Youngblood

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    Want to Buy Aussie 24k Gold Torch

    Looking to find anyone who has one and would sell a head.
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    Member Spotlight - June 2021

    Scopas Tang! Beautiful lady and one of my favs.
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    New Upgrade

    Finally Amazon’d a phone light filter.
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    Shedding Torch

    Wondering if anyone can shed some light on my torch shedding tentacles. All params solid. Medium flow, lower 1/3 of the tank. Seems very healthy just loosing tentacles suddenly one or two a day.
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    New Upgrade

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    Star fire/Safire glass cost

    How much does this stuff run retail? 3/4” I have a few sheets and wondering if it is even worth posting to sell and for how much?
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    New Upgrade

    Thank you to the aquarium place for all of their help. 180 gal and sump. Awesome set-up!!! 72”X24”
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    For Sale Blue/purple mushroom rocks

    I will take one rock with. Let me know what time you are available. Afternoon is better for me. I pay cash or Zelle
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    For Sale Super hot pectinia.

    I’ll take one. Cash pick up if possible tomorrow anytime before 11am and after 5:30pm.
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    For Sale Ultra green torch

    Pm me address and we can get a plan of action together for payment and pick up.
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    For Sale Ultra green torch

    New to marsh but would love one. Woodlands