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    Store/Tank Tour

    Ok so my tank will be 3 months old in December. I added several low maintenance corals and 2 fish so I let it sit for a bit, Here I am a month later and everything is stable. There is also a couple of friend/coworkers coming from Canada and UK for our year end meetings etc being that they...
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    EASY Basic Photo Video tutorials

    I found these when I went to find the updated firmware for my camera. They are "geared" for Sony cameras but the basics of how the stuff works are all the same, pretty good info short, concise and very helpful. Lens Selection Shooting in Low light Taking Better Pictures Shutter Speed...
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    Starfish and other threats to the Great Barrier Reef

    Great Barrier Reef loses more than half its coral cover | Environment | guardian.co.uk /discuss If I am reading this right in my lifetime the great barrier has decreased in size by half! ya, right.
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    120 Peninsula

    Hello All, I have decided to revive my tank, my new job is settling in nicely and my new home craziness is almost over so I have some time to further my hobby/addiction. A little Background. This tank was originally set up late 2011 and begining 2012. Here is the build thread I abandoned...
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    Auto Shut Off valve on an RO/Drinking system?

    Hey guys, I am trying to set-up an ATO reservoir container and the instructions that came with my newly purchased auto-top off shut off valve are not very forthcoming, the instructions that I found on bulkreefsupply say and I quote: "The blue line leaves the RO membrane as fully filtered...
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    Zeek's 120

    As the tittle, I am ready to share my new project, I had to build a whole addition room to the house to be able to get my tank the stand was built and placed next to the wall so its an in wall tank slash divides the kitchen and the new room that was added onto the house. The stand was also...
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    Check Valves Anyone?

    Hey guys I'm going to be making my return soon :P My tank is coming along nicely and I will be posting a thread about it soon. I'm mostly researching as of now and I'm wondering if anyone has used check valves and or what are your experiences and or opinions of them. I am planning on doing a...
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    Couple of issues holding my build...HELP!

    I have one major issue here, my tank was pre-drilled when I got it and I'm trying to figure this out, the hole is right in the middle of the tank, so I'd like to build a "center overflow" or buy one from someone, its a 110g tank so it has to be at ~30" tall overflow, I am in the market for...
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    I'm back :P

    Hello everyone, nice to see you guys again, things have finally settled on in life and I have time to get back into it, I have recently acquired a 110g I will be turning into a reef of course, there will be a few challenges, its drilled on the bottom middle for some reason? I also plan on...
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    Taking a break from hobby

    Due to some recent sudden life changes I have been forced to sell my tank in a desperate urge for money as well as other belongings I have, I have a couple of posts selling my tank and my laptop. I have learned a lot and I thank ALL of you guys for all the great help and comraderie(sp) and will...
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    Remove overflow??

    Ok so here is my question, If I was to receive a tank that has dual overflows But I want to do a Beananimal on it, can I remove them and safely "plug" the drains somehow? I have this dream to do my next tank as a peninsula type that can be viewed from 3 sides with a coast to coast overflow on...
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    Some new close-ups :D

    First of all thanks Cat for all your help/support helping me use my new camera, I LOVE IT! now for the goodies, here is a few I'm proud of. This guy has colored up real nice, I won it at a raffle and i thought I looked a bit dead lol, it was all brown/green check it out now...
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    Let me Pick your brain... sps,algae, param wierdness.

    Ok so lately I dwelled into sps and finally got some pieces, slowly over the past 3 months I've added 7 pieces total of SPS, I started with one and waited a month and it did very well so I went crazy at the frag swap and got a bunch more, my tank is doing great only because of YOUR help, thank...
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    Some new tank shots... ( under tektite's tutoring :P )

    Ok, first of all thanks to tektite and soymilk who are awesome and have helped me understand a lot about my camera, that being said here we go. I really need a tripod I have a hard time with focusing as it shows. Hope you enjoy viewing as I enjoyed taking them. These were taken at F5.6 800ISO...
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    Lighting Questions (MH)

    So guys I want to move into metal halides, the more I see MH set-ups the more I like them but I have a big problem. My tank has a large plastic brace in the middle that is part of the top trim. Most fixtures at the 36" range have the MH bulb in the middle, I did find a few fixtures with two...