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  1. kris4647

    Reef Flux

    Anyone in here Use Reef Flux for problem algae? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. kris4647

    Do you even Sea Swirl?

    These have been around forever but it seems like they aren’t real popular these days. Such a great way to add motion to your tank. I just installed one on my tank after a lot of procrastination. Here’s a random video I found that shows one installed (at 00:51). Sent from my iPhone using...
  3. kris4647

    Holy Claw Frozen Food feeder

    I picked this up recently, really impressed with it. They’ve been around over the years in a few different forms, I really like the design on this one. The basics: frozen food floats and if you throw it in your tank it’s destined to go in the overflow or somewhere the fish can’t find it...
  4. kris4647


    My generator is gone, stolen from storage. If anyone has a line on a new, used generator please let me know. Have funds. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. kris4647

    Anyone work at UPS ?

    I’m so frustrated, my dream fish is stuck.......IN HOUSTON. But I can’t pick it up. [emoji35][emoji35][emoji35][emoji35][emoji2959][emoji2959][emoji2959][emoji2959][emoji2959][emoji2959][emoji2959][emoji35][emoji35][emoji35][emoji35] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. kris4647

    Amphiprion latezonatus

    I’m about to move these guys to a different home, thought I’d share a few pics. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. kris4647

    It’s a boy

    Y’all my leopard just hit puberty! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. kris4647

    Dirty sump pics

    I figured if I put this here it might shame me into finishing organizing this crap. [PS if u drop an organized sump pic here, I’ll tell your significant other exactly how much you’ve spent on your setup] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. kris4647

    coralline algae

    So I think when we all get in the hobby it’s like “how do I grow coralline algae”? Then later (looking thro purple portholes to see my fish), “how do I get rid of this crap?” What’s everyone’s favorite way to scrape? I bought the flipper stick and a cheap stainless scraper from Amazon. It’s...
  10. kris4647


    What’s everyone’s experience with all this raffles on FB. Not getting a sketchy vibe just feel like I wouldn’t win anything and be down [emoji389][emoji389][emoji389][emoji389] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. kris4647

    Stichodactyla Gigantae

    Always collected nems, this is the nicest Gigantae I’ve ever found. Someday soon home to a few special clownfish ... First pic is when I bought it, now a few months later it’s really coloring up. Never deflated, never cipro’ed [emoji2]. Hope this video link works, I wasn’t entirely sober when...
  12. kris4647

    Hello Marsh

    Hey Marshians, I’ve been lurking around here for a long time. Hurricanes and disinterest shut down my last foray into the hobby. So I’m getting started again and I’m looking for a friendly nudge towards the best (price) on a 100g~ or so tank. Used is fine; tomorrow I’d like to goto a few...
  13. kris4647

    Clownfish breeders!

    There is a very rare pair for sale on A different site that could make you famous if it worked or perhaps trying a different male would help. It's a Theili clown paired with a Perc, would take me a while to get a place rdy for it, was wondering if anyone was up to the challenge I'd even try...
  14. kris4647


    It's been a horrid personal week but I'm so proud to have things in my tank I'm proud of.... Nothing to add, thanks for looking at my little tank!
  15. kris4647

    Have you seen....?

    Hello all just stocking my tank and I love pacific host anemones. Anyone seen anything remarkable around town? We toyed with making a forum for this back in the day. It's not really a WTB and many eyes are better than two. If you see something remarkable drop me a line. And hello if I...
  16. kris4647

    Live Rock

    In need of some mature Live Rock. Anyone have ideas? I need around pound 100lbs. Kinda seems like a wtb but I'm open to anything store Craigslist anywhere you've seen some nice stuff is welcome. I missed some great opportunities from members lately. Just had to take care of some personal issues...
  17. kris4647

    Help clownfish breeders people in Clear lake area

    Okay so I have the opportunity to buy a few rare clowns, problem remodeling crew is dragging their feet. Clownfish are real fickle in availability of the rarer species as my target audience knows. I need a babysitter. Looking for a large well established system with no history of disease or a...
  18. kris4647

    Bubble trap

    Looking for a professional looking bubble trap. Imagine an two sided, up side down overflow. Teeth at btm of sump. It's kinda a grey area or question, I tried DIY first, just wasn't clean enough for my taste. So I'm looking for someone to do one for me. One bend sections of teeth ez job...
  19. kris4647


    Who's the local acrylic goto person these days. My guy in SA backed out. Really prefer a weekend warrior willing to try some new ideas. And not have a multi month eta. I talked to few of you way too soon, much closer now. Sorry if I missed ya. Send me a pm or post if you can do it or you know...
  20. kris4647

    Hello Marsh

    Hello Everyone, Well I've been out for over a year now after three neck surgeries. Just wasn't able to take care of things from my bed unfortunately. Tank looks horrible but the fish are fat and happy. Slowly trying to get the 400 back together. Still have a million dollars worth of equipment...