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  1. PSXerholic

    Does anyone have the RRC Jawdropper ???

    Guys, Does anyone has or know someone who has the RRC Jawdropper Acro??? Preferred in Houston maybe? This thingy is quite costly and I would like to know what it really looks like honestly. Talking to Ben years back, it did not kick him off the chair really, so that I do like to do some more...
  2. PSXerholic

    Question...... Black or white frag plugs ???

    So while I was doing more frags of a few trims I did along with Frags that were ordered, I was trying out some of the black frag plugs instead of the white ones............ Which ones do you like more? I have even some more frags that I will bring online maybe tonight in my Sponsor section if I...
  3. PSXerholic

    New School Era Water Change System - Let's make it easy ;-)

    Guys, let's talk about a New School Era type of Water change system I have tested now since a short while ;-)))))))) I used some parts of the old system since it's still installed ;-) The Video below is my traditional semi-automated Water change system explained and shown, that I have used...
  4. PSXerholic

    Need Company recommendation for Air duct cleaning in Houston ;-)

    Guys, it's time for my AC ducting inside the house to be cleaned again. The wife complains about more and more issues from allergies and I inspected the duct and vent outlets and some as expected have a bit of mold spots. Also plenty of dust in some end areas. Don't want to argue about the...
  5. PSXerholic

    Andre's Anti-ICH treatment

    Folks, since it seems to be the season again, and I get more and more requests what I do against ICH, I wanted to share a few things to treat it. I may need to consider this info in one of my next "Andre's Reef Guide" series :Bolt: A few people who came over for Coral frag pick ups and have...
  6. PSXerholic

    Show off your matured Clam and share it's story ;-)

    Hey Guys, Show off your large clams and share the story behind it. Most Clams have due to it's Lifespan a very interesting story behind it. I have recently posted on Facebook an updated picture of my Tridacna Derasa clam vs. a Video from the past. This clam is growing amazingly fast ;-) See...
  7. PSXerholic

    This is fantastic......you got to see this !!!

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dWhKeagQVcg All right....let's have a closer look on things that are creeping in our tanks I was working on a potential Cyano issue of a friend and prepped the Microscope and used some new equipment first time with the results of some fantastic scenes while...
  8. PSXerholic

    Andre's Reef Guide - Coral Colorization Part#1 NOW RELEASED ;-)

    MARSHIANS, really proud to announce that the first e-Pub of a series of Andre's Reef Guides was officially launched today. Some of you guys have seen the small talk about it already in the forums and Facebook groups ;-) A few people were waiting for it, so here it is!!! This Guide part...
  9. PSXerholic

    Perfect Gift - Handcrafted Bolt Action Bullet Pen $50

    Selling this Handcrafted Cal 30 Bolt action bullet pen, WYSIWYG ;-) This is not one of these chinese replica, nope this is handmade in Houston. My son made 1st place in State competitions with his wooden and acrylic ball and fountain pens/pencils the second year, and now trying to see if there...
  10. PSXerholic

    Real Cool HD Video of Andre's Tank (see that PE !!!)

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rdFJDCBeKR4 YOU MAY NEED TO SWITCH TO YOUTBE AND TURN ON HD1080P !!!! Here is a cool Video of my tank with recent progress in HD. Look at that dang Polyp Extension Y'all ;-) This is done with my IphoneSE under LED only, no T5 on. -Andre
  11. PSXerholic

    Help, all my Montipora eating Nudibranches disappeared ;-o

    Lol, guys this is a post from quite a while ago when I started my 210G in the first year, which I have never posted, but I find it very useful to know about this issue !!! Just found it back while doing a clean up on my computer ;-) "So I got this Coral order placed and when my Monti arrived...
  12. PSXerholic

    THE PARTY IS OVER - WWC Afterparty Acropora is arriving into the PSX tank ;-)

    Good news Reefer, Andre was able to get his hands on a larger piece of WWC Afterparty Acro. Just the sh**** cell pictures are looking great already ;-) But too early to tease you guys with pics yet. Not to mention it did cost me an arm and a leg, but thanks to all my frag buyers which allowed...
  13. PSXerholic

    Reef Laser info needed to kill Corals !!! Yes, I want to kill Corals..............

    Guys, as part of my dense grown Coral garden, I'm at a point where Montis and lil chips of Corals are becoming an issue. Anyone here who owns one of these Laser thingies to kill anemones??? If so, I would like to know if it effectively kills encrusted Acros and Montipora patches ;-) Also some...
  14. PSXerholic

    PSX's fantastic new additions and the current ****************** tank ;-)

    Wooooooowwwwwww, this Applecake became the most valuable Cake ever guys !!!!!!!!! ****************** offered me a Purple passion for a good ol German applecake, holy Clownfish, ****************** gave me an entire Colony (large btw.) of the Purple Passion which he had sitting in his frag...
  15. PSXerholic

    Thriving reef secrets - UV use !!!

    Since this is a current subject on my tank system, I thought to share this info. Overall, UV is a good thing to have the tank going through the years. It helps to avoid or better minimize potential issues down the road. All right………….UV…………….trying to keep it simple! There are multiple...
  16. PSXerholic

    Yellow Finger Gorgonian............beautyful

    Something Non-SPS related. Yellow Finger Gorgonian. WATCH IN 1080P HD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jb9sq79dmQ0
  17. PSXerholic

    PSX's - Experimental Beer Dosing on ORA Pearlberry Acropora Coral

    All right, this will be fun to watch and follow ;-) I will very soon to start the experiment of Beer dosing/feeding on Acropora Corals. For this I'm going to use two ORA Pearlberry frags of the same size at the same location in the frag system right next to each other. Surely I will keep...
  18. PSXerholic

    Thriving reef secrets - Strontium !!!

    Check out my collection with corals I can frag from on my webpage here: https://sites.google.com/site/psxerholic/ Hey guys, Other then some advertisement for Coral frags, I would like to share another secret which I got asked by many of my frag buyers all the time that see my tank like a...
  19. PSXerholic

    Good news.... FJW carries the complete TRITON product line

    Great news !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dennis @Fish just wonderful will receive next week (10/27/2016) the entire Triton product line. As many reefer experienced, some LFS had "some" stuff for a while. Since FJW is not that far for me and well known, it is appreciated that he does bring in the entire...
  20. PSXerholic

    PSX - .....Corals glowing in the dark ;-)

    By the way, I'm back to "Frag to order" after a break !!! Soooooooooooo............ I thought to post a few pictures of my glowing Corals under my new light, I finally got a chance to play a bit !! These pictures are under an ATI Powermodule Hybrid, with LED Clusters used only. Still playing...