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  1. DwPolcyn

    This is why you should ALWAYS dip

    I'm not against QT or dipping, it should be always be encouraged. But again I'll say, why buy from a tank you know has harmful pests was my original question. (Not related to OPs post)
  2. DwPolcyn

    This is why you should ALWAYS dip

    The reputable businesses that focus on selling coral strive to keep harmful pests out as it is a detriment to not only their coral, but their entire lively hood. Pretty sure Jason and the guy's over at TSA have exactly what I described. Well like an STD you can try and play it safe and use...
  3. DwPolcyn

    This is why you should ALWAYS dip

    Could not disagree more. If it is a local hobbyists tank that is understandable, but if it is a brick and mortar store selling coral I think it is pretty important to know. Not everyone has the means to dip and effectively quarantine their corals and fish, that is why I personally seek out...
  4. DwPolcyn

    This is why you should ALWAYS dip

    Where did you pick up the coral if you don't mind me asking?
  5. DwPolcyn

    BRS Sale Today Plus Free Money

    I placed an order right after that 9am video went up. They actually have 200gal Tropic Marine Pro back in stock, I purchased when they had 1800+ when I checked back after the last video was posted they were around 1500, around 30k of salt. These guys have a great business model, maybe they watch...
  6. DwPolcyn

    Thinking of moving to Cypress

    Not sure how you think LA is a clean room compared to Houston. Their homeless population is significantly larger and their politicians limit local law enforcements ability to relocate them.
  7. DwPolcyn

    Running a DSB pros and cons

    No sand is best sand.
  8. DwPolcyn

    Thinking of moving to Cypress

    Haha yeah Houston isn't the best, but at least we're not Dallas.
  9. DwPolcyn

    Thinking of moving to Cypress

    Dallas folks are very stuck up and condescending.
  10. DwPolcyn

    Thinking of moving to Cypress

    Moved from spring to Gulfgate, that sucked. Then I use to live in cypress, I absolutely hated it. Moved to west chase district that was ok. Then lived in energy corridor for 2 years loved it. I'm over at Jersey Village now getting pulled over for exiting a highway at 50mph. Area is fairly cheap...
  11. DwPolcyn

    M.2 SSD users... getting advertised read/write?

    Asus Maximus Hero X. I got lucky in the silicone lottery and am able to keep a stable overclock on all 6 cores at 5.2GHz
  12. DwPolcyn

    M.2 SSD users... getting advertised read/write?

    Depends on the application, but it's usually close enough.
  13. DwPolcyn

    Topic Marin Salt Mixes

    That's interesting, I'm always dosing a little all for reef after every water change to bring the alk closer to 8. Wonder why the classic mixs so much higher
  14. DwPolcyn

    Letterman Jacket Quote Contest!! $10 to the winner! Deadline Oct. 7

    How has no one said "reefer madness" yet??
  15. DwPolcyn

    It's Here!!

    Need an unbiased review now to see how accurate she is!
  16. DwPolcyn

    I find this alarming...Surprisingly it was never mentioned on MSM.

    Lol I dare not click on that Alex Jones video, but this is nothing new with the CCP.
  17. DwPolcyn

    Clownfish tank mates

    Get a tailspot blenny, yellow or blue line goby or a pink streaked wrasse!
  18. DwPolcyn

    Tropic Marin Pro in stock on Marinedepot!

    If like me you were running low on your salt supply Marine depot just updated their inventory.
  19. DwPolcyn

    Another possible hurricane to hit close- Who’s ready?

    I was just going on his website to look at pictures, had no idea there was a sale going on. Going to try my best to keep that Neophobia Acro happy!