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  1. Raccoh

    Reef Currents 2019

    Shout out to the BOD, you guys and gals did an awesome job as always:giggle:
  2. Raccoh

    Fun Day at Reef Currents 2018

    Just to say thank you BOD for all the work that was put into make this happen again! It’s nice to catch up with the reef comminuty! :cool: Holly
  3. Raccoh

    iPhone Pics

    A few pics of my acros, just cropped no photo enhancing --Radion Pros and 1 China Box Led
  4. Raccoh

    Thank you MARSH BOD

    Appreciate all effort making reef currents fun for the reef community! :grouphug:
  5. Raccoh

    Urban Aquatics

    Again thank you for the flagfin and saphaire damsel Always nice to visit your shop! Great selection and I made a new friend named Rocky!
  6. Raccoh

    Thank you Russ!

    Great service fast ship....got the DI Resin! Holly
  7. Raccoh

    Big thanks to Russ!

    Great service! Got the DI Resin fasst!!!!! Holly
  8. Raccoh

    Thank you Dennis!

    Always nice visiting and buying! You have such an amazing selection of everything! Your Mari-cultured and Aussie sps colonies are beautiful! You are an expert at that gryphon..thanks so much for precisely fragging and mounting the sps! Holly
  9. Raccoh

    Thank you Dennis!

    Always nice to go see Dennis! Thank you Thank you! Holly
  10. Raccoh

    Maxi Mini

    Thank you Dennis! As always nice visiting! Nice selection of everything! Holly
  11. Raccoh

    Thank you Dennis

    Just to say thank you Dennis! Great selection and prices! Picked up a few Ricordias, meteor shower and a beautiful ORA Red Goni.