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  1. steveb

    Looking for ideas to raise hinged hood opening

    The front of the hood opens upward. I’m looking for a way to open it easily for daily feedings etc. I do have two 400lb linear actuators in storage. I forget the length though. I’m looking to raise it about this far and this is fully open
  2. steveb

    For Sale Banjo 2" Single Union Ball Valve FPTxFPT $20

    Been sitting in my box of plumbing parts. Have no need for it anymore. Banjo 2" Single Union Ball Valve FPTxFPT $20
  3. steveb

    Live Streaming

    Hello we are looking at doing some development to add a live stream box on the forum that will rotate through various URLS. Curious to see if anyone thinks that is worthwhile Also considering whether we (admin/moderators) feed the urls to the live stream widget or do it off of a custom field...
  4. steveb

    Apple IOS User's (iphone/ipad)

    All, Like many of you I use the Apple iphone. Unlike every other major electronic mobile device Apple does NOT allow W3C push notifications. What does this mean? Unless you use tapatalk you will NOT know when new content is pushed from Marsh. The problem with tapatalk is it supports NONE of...
  5. steveb

    PROBES - Question for APEX Users

    I have an Apex 2016. I'm going to assume everyone is monitoring temperature. I wanted to find out what else you are monitoring. Do you have calibration/reliability issues with any of the probes? Anyone using 3rd party probes? If so what brand and have you had any issues? Right now I'm jus...
  6. steveb

    Anyone Tried EasyReefs EasySPS?

    Curious if anyone is using this? https://www.coralvue.com/easyreefs-easysps-evo-gel-coral-food?utm_source=R2R&utm_medium=forums&utm_campaign=easyreefs&utm_content=easyspsevo They seem to have an interface for using with a dosing pump. haven't seen any indication that it needs to be...
  7. steveb

    Want to Buy Looking for some critters

    Mini Brittle Stars Stomatella Snails any variety but especially Stomatella varia. Let me know what you are willing to part with and at what cost. Also Bristle Worms but I'm not willing to pay anything for those :)
  8. steveb

    Question for the Torch Guru’s

    Should I be concerned about this? It’s a hole on the side of one of my torches.
  9. steveb

    Clean up crew order

    Never seen fighting conch’s this large. The one on lower right is right at 4”
  10. steveb

    The Plank Automatic Feeder

    Anyone using one and if so what has your experience been like? Have you used any other automatic feeders?
  11. steveb

    Black Friday - What did you get?

    We picked up the new roomba from Amazon on a daily deal and two Neptune DOS from one of our sponsors.
  12. steveb

    Finally hooked up my Trident - No Water Sample Error

    Sweet. I just love technology. Its really a bad combo with my luck. (n):mad: to boot if it is defective I'm going to have to pay for the repair. I bought it over a year ago and has just sat in the box waiting for me to get to the point of setting it up. Already disconnected the line and...
  13. steveb

    New Theme Enabled

  14. steveb

    HOW TO Build Thread Contributor - How Do I get that title/badge?

    Hey MARSHians we have implemented a cool little build thread user title/badge for those who have created a build thread here on MARSH. Build Threads should be created here: Forums -> General Interest Forums -> Member Tanks (Tank Journal) The badge is hot linked to your build thread so its...
  15. steveb

    Share your Phyto and/or Pod Culturing System

    Looking for cool pictures & descriptions of the systems you use to grow phyto and pod cultures. C'mon MARSHian's show me what you got!
  16. steveb

    Inter web connectivity

    Anyone having issues today?
  17. steveb

    Coralvue Hydros Wave Engine

    I have one on order. I am planning on controlling 2 maxspect 350's and 2 maxspect 250's along with my MP40's. Curios if anyone has one ?
  18. steveb

    Neptune Systems OS-1-M Optical Level Sensor V2 With Mount for use with FMM

    Neptune Systems why oh why didn't you use stronger magnets? My sump walls are 3/8" thick. I'm assuming the magnets are too weak for this thickness? Anyone have any mods for thicker walled sumps? I'm not really keen on drilling the sump. I do have some magnets I could use on the outside.
  19. steveb

    How to use cool symbols in posts?

    How do I use cool symbols in posts such as micron/micrometer µ ? The answer to that is use ALT-Code's! https://www.webnots.com/alt-key-windows-shortcuts/ https://www.alt-codes.net/ https://www.codetable.net/altkeycodes
  20. steveb

    They’re After Your Hobby Again

    PLEASE CONTACT THE COMMITTEE MEMBERS IMMEDIATELY! The Honolulu City Council plans to once again debate and vote on a bill that directly targets the aquarium trade. Animal rights activists have targeted the marine aquarium trade in Hawaii and have found a champion in the Honolulu City Council...