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  1. Fjmm91

    For Sale Jack-o-lantern lepto 20-25

    Selling 3 frags of some Jack-o-Lantern Lepto. They were fragged a little over a month ago and have grown since. Left and center pieces for 20 and right frag for 25
  2. Fjmm91

    Frag plugs in dry rock

    Anyone have any tips for drilling holes in live rock tp put frag plugs in? Or putting frag plugs in live rock in general other than finding an existing crevice?
  3. Fjmm91

    For Sale Hanna checker alk $20

    Hi I have an older model hanna alkalinity checker, hi 755, that I no longer need. Works just like the newer ones, only difference is it reads in ppm instead of dkh. Comes with case, manual, pipette, and a single reagent tube. Pick up is in the crestmont area near hobby airport, or can meet at...
  4. Fjmm91

    Acan question

    is it normal that my acan went from small red blue To this mostly red meaty. Wanted to make sure it was normal/healthy
  5. Fjmm91

    Leslie no phos

    Found my live rock is leaching phosphates so with the helpful insight from cody I will be using some lanthanum chloride in a seprate tote to slowly leach it out. He recommended phosfree but all I could find was Leslie's no phos which appears to be a slightly more concentrated version of phosfree...
  6. Fjmm91

    Any ideas on what this is?

    Found this on the side of my tank. I have no idea what it is or what would have left it. Any ideas?
  7. Fjmm91

    Coral qt

    Does anyone have any recommendations on setting up a coral qt tank? Or a thread that discusses proper coral qt? Didnt know if there was anything extra i would need that's different from a reg fish qt tank other than a good light fixture. I have a 10g, hob filter, heater, thermometer currently.
  8. Fjmm91

    Anemone question

    I'm planning on getting an anemone sometime in the foreseeable future and had read that they are notorious for getting into wave makers. I tried looking into something I can use for my tunze 6105 but didnt really have much luck other than using some sponge tied around the vents, which I may have...
  9. Fjmm91

    First salt water tank build

    Hi this is my first ever saltwater tank I've ever owned. I've only had a small freshwater tank before this before but finally decides to take the leap into saltwater after coming across a brs video on youtube. I was going to be moving into my first home and figured no time like the present. I...
  10. Fjmm91

    Juvenile Red coris wrasse

    Bought a juvenile red coris wrasse and was wanting to qt it since it has just a slight bit of what looks like either fin rot or bite mark on its top fin closest to his mouth . I've heard wrasse are very delicate when it comes to copper so I was going to use cupramine and take about a week to...
  11. Fjmm91

    First qt tank

    Got 2 10 gallon tanks for a qt system for fish I'm planning on getting Friday. I set one up and working on gettin copper to 1 ppm as per humble fish thread on qt. I am using cupramime for copper. Nick from Ola was recommending a few dip, quarantine for 30 days, then fw dip again before moving to...
  12. Fjmm91

    Parameter checks

    Is there anything other than hannah checkers used to test for things like alk, cal, copper, and misc. Or are hannah checkers just the best to use for specific parameters? Planning on getting a qt tank set up and wanted a reliable way to test copper levels.
  13. Fjmm91

    Beginner reefer fish help

    Hi I'm new to the hobby and currently cycling my first tank. I was wanting to start Fowlr and eventually move to having a lps dominant mix reef tank. I was wondering if anyone knew a good website, if there is one, where I can find info on which species of fish do well with each other and are...