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    There is a gigantic thread somewhere - R2R? RC? - all about Vibrant, with alll this info by the Vibrant creator, photos, and (mostly positive) individual reports from using Vibrant. The problem is it was like 150+ pages couple years ago, when I last checked it.
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    How exactly do you do it? 1. Frozen food. let us say you have one cube of mysis, you thaw it in tank water - and then what? 2. Same with enriching baby brine shrimps. I have a freshly hatched batch - I understand I put them in e.g. water cup with certain number of drops of Selcon? After time T...
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    Somebody studied Vibrant under microscope, they posted photos of bacteria actually attaching to algae ... was really cool, but it was couple years ago, cannot find now. As far as I understand, Vibrant bacteria are literally eating algae, including some type of macroslgae
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    BRS Heaters

    They don't have controller meaning they would not stop heating after reaching desired temp? I am also looking for a reliable heater, had to resort to boiling water this week since my heaters turned out inadequate
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    Following. Just started hatching bbs again, used to feed them asap after hatching, wanted to try selco enrichment this time, but not sure what the procedure is - what is shrimp/selco ration? counting shrimp density is prolly not easy, also afraid to get fatty selco to the tank.
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    Vibrant is not chemicals, its is a patented blend of algae eating bacteria. I have had good experience with it, I dosed it moderately, it does not completely remove hair algae, but makes it weaker and easier to manually remove. If you have refugium, be careful, it is harmful to many macroalgae...
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    Freeze Survival

    No, i was planning to do anyway, I had an old sand bed and could get rid of residual algae. I was also hoping that the amount of iron I may get into the tank will not be toxic, I remember at some point even testing if I have enough iron and some people supplementing it. Thanks for reassurance!
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    Giving Away Free RODI water

    Hi, I have about 15G RODI ready, can make much more. You need to pick up, am exit 4 of I-45 South (between League City and Galveston). Text me at 409-771-0181 to arrange pick up.
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    Freeze Survival

    We were 48h without power, room temperature dropped to 42-45F. I have a 4k generator, but the problems started around 3 am so initially believed Centerpoint it will be "45 min" or "just a bit over an hour", not fun to start you generator outside in the middle of the night in subfreezing...
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    Substitute for RODI?

    Easiest now may be to pick up from another reefer. I have 50L, but I am >2h drive from you
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    I have also almost 50L RODI in League City/Galveston area, if you can pick up.
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    Boil water notices for hr Houston and surrounding areas

    there were issues with RODI water? I just added new RODI last night to huge batch of saltwater prepared to do big wc when situation stabilized, did not know about boil water orders and had to run water anyway to prevent freezing
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    I am on Tiki Island, I have a very basic, not too powerful air pump, if you still need it and can pick up text me 409-771-0181
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    Red algae looking stuff growing on coral overnight!

    Thanks, I thought so. But it was given already in two ways (meq and dKH) under Alk. So OP is measuring it 2-3 different ways? Anyway, I fix upping flow in the area will be an easy fix.
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    Red algae looking stuff growing on coral overnight!

    Can you direct your powerheads to the affected area? that always worked for me, clears red slime almost immediately. It is more tricky in difficult to access cornes, but you seem to have it out in the open. GL. BTW, what is "KH"?
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    Tank Raised Mandarins

    Very beautiful, good luck! BTW, they say tank "up to 30 gallons" - do they mean not to put them in a bigger tank? if so, why? (I guess more difficult access for target feeding? still should not be such strict cut off?)
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    For Sale Freshwater Crystal Shrimp $3 Each

    Great, thanks for the info. I was using RODI first but now have read that fish may be missing minerals and snails needs calcium to build shells. Do you have snails also? but since you have essentially the same set up at least your crystal shrimps should be happy in our tank. We can pick them up...
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    For Sale Freshwater Crystal Shrimp $3 Each

    Hi, I do not know anything about freshwater, we have currently 1 danio rerio and Gold Inca/mystery snail, planning to build up to a school of 5 danio rerios, where also thinking of adding ghost shrimp. I did some research and crystal shrimps are supposed to like acidic water and also different...
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    For Sale Freshwater Crystal Shrimp $3 Each

    They look beautiful and variety of colors is amazing! My 9yo son just re-started his 10G freshwater tank and wanted to pick up some cool shrimps - are these easy to keep alive? How many per 10G assuming he would add a couple peaceful fish later?