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    For Sale Jason Fox Cry Baby Zoas

    Got some cry babies overgrowing my rock to get rid of. Willing to take trades as well. These guys look great and grow fast. Been fragged for about a month now and doing well. Most have new heads growing already. I'm located in Spring 1: 2 Heads $8 Sold 2: 4 Heads $15 3: 2 Heads $8 Sold 4: 5...
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    Marcus and Camille's 75 gallon

    So we started our reefing journey about a year ago with a used 75 gallon tank, stand, canopy, and canister filter we got from a business in the Woodlands. I figured it's finally time to start a build thread. When we started we used about 50 pounds of live rock, some filter floss, and some...
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    Strange White Worms

    I've been noticing these skinny long white worms crawling around my rocks and glass on occasion lately, Seems most common when lights are ramping up. No one at reef2reef seems to know what it is. I don't think it's bristle worms because they're totally smooth. Tank is about 5 months old and...