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    Freeze Survival

    My house was without power from 4:00 am Tuesday till 6:20 pm Wednesday. The house temperature dropped to 56 - 58 overall. My tank had no power during the entire period. This is a picture to the tank just a few minutes ago. Temp fell to 66 and I did not feed during this time. There was no...
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    red sea salt mix

    Instructions on the bucket tell you to use 38.2 grams of salt to one liter of water. That works out to be 145.16 grams to one gallon of water. I use a kitchen scale to do this and it works out fine every time.
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    How often do you change your water?

    I do two 3.5 gallon water changes a week on my roughly 65 - 70 gallon system. I run a fuge with macroalgae for nutrient export and typically don't have measurable nitrates or phosphates. The water changes helps to add back microtutrients, but I also do dose some ( half the recommended amount)...
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    Best worker wrasse?

    I am partial to six line wrasse. They are hardy and working the rocks to find all the things you don't want to know about. I put one in a tank that I had to repeatedly treat for flat worms and now, no problem.