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  1. Daniel92481

    Daniel’s Reef

    Hey reefers! I ordered an Innovative Marine 30L with APS stand about a month ago… Well, guess what!? It finally arrived in one piece thanks to our friends at UPS and I was able to get it set up. Here’s what I got going… -IM30L AIO with APS stand -Kessil AP9X with mount arm -2 AI Nero 3’s...
  2. Daniel92481

    For Sale Hanna ALK/Phosphate reagents

    I have 15 ALK reagents new/sealed that expire 6/21. $5 each. I also have 5 ULR phosphate boxes new/sealed of 25 reagents that expire in 2023. These are also $5 each. Save a little bit of money here if you’re testing a lot.:) All 15 ALK and 5 Phosphates for $100 Thanks reefers!
  3. Daniel92481

    Daniel’s Pico Reef!

    Hey reefers! I decided to start a pico reef after shutting down my Nuvo 40! I have always wanted a small reef tank, and here I am! -LA crystal AIO 4.1 gallon with stock pump -Ecotech MP10 -Kessil A360X -LA 25 watt heater I managed to put the remaining corals from the Nuvo 40 into the...
  4. Daniel92481

    Nuvo 40

    Hey reef peeps, I wanted to share some pics of my Nuvo 40, currently at 8 months since start up. If anyone reading this was on the bus tour back in Nov/2019, this tank was cycling at that time. Thanks for looking!:)