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  1. DwPolcyn

    Tropic Marin Pro in stock on Marinedepot!

    If like me you were running low on your salt supply Marine depot just updated their inventory.
  2. DwPolcyn

    Denver LFS

    I'll be heading to Denver for a few days beginning of July for some good ol corporate training. Anyone know of any LFS worth checking out?
  3. DwPolcyn

    Reef Energy Ab+

    While looking for some Tropic Marine All for Reef I found some reef energy Ab+in stock on Saltwateraqarium.com and bought a bottle to try. How is everyones experience with this new formula...
  4. DwPolcyn

    It's HOT!

    So I recently moved back in with my dad for a few weeks until the corona blows over and holy cow it's hot! A small room at the corner of the house with little insulation and a water heater in the closet. My nano tank is now at a constant 80° instead of the usual 78°. My reefer 250 is ok since it...
  5. DwPolcyn

    Shout out to CaliKid Coral

    I lost on two of the items I wanted on his live auction, the CK Soul Sucker Zoas and some CK Ultra Leptastrea. (If you won those I know you are using scripts you SOB!) I messaged him asking if he had any left in stock, he was quick to respond and even gave me a deal close to what the winning...
  6. DwPolcyn

    Clearview Lid

    So I am planning on ordering a clearview lid for my reefer 250, but am unsure of the correct cutouts needed to fit the mounts for the lights. Am currently using Hydra 26HDs with the HMS mount, but will eventually switch to the g5 xr15s. My question is will the HMS sizings for the cutouts be big...
  7. DwPolcyn

    DeAndre Hopkins traded for David Johnson...

    If there was ever a time to dislike BoB now is the time.
  8. DwPolcyn

    Need help finding a plumbing part

    Hey Marsh reef, posted this on R2R I'll post it here as well. I'm looking for a barbed reducing tee, 3/4inch on top and bottom and 5/8inch in the middle...
  9. DwPolcyn

    BRS 100W and 600W heaters are in stock

    https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/titanium-heater-element-bulk-reef-supply.html# My notifications were on but I never received an email. Thought i'd let you guys know
  10. DwPolcyn

    Red Sea 250 Journey

    Hey Marsh reef! Whelp here goes nothing, Backstory: Have been told countless times to start a build thread on one of my tanks, so here is the first. I had an aquarium in highschool of 2012, but never had the money or mindset to really get going until about 2 years ago when I started my 24gal...
  11. DwPolcyn

    Red Dragon 5 Eco?

    Was looking for a solid return pump for my reefer 250 build and came across a pump not mentioned often online. I saw it on BRS and looked pretty great for a decent price, but after browsing a few forums some say that these pumps are not actually made in house. Anyone know anything about these...