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  1. Reefahholic

    Crazy Scallops

  2. Reefahholic

    Catching a BOBBIT WORM.

    Part 1: Part 2:
  3. Reefahholic

    *Edit* The build will Go Forward!!!!

    My apartments just made me sign a pet screening addendum which limits me to a 24/G tank. They enter my apartment 2-3x a year. I haven’t been told anything in the past, but I think this time they would tell me to take it down, fine me, and possibly evict me. This sucks. So much for the build. :(
  4. Reefahholic

    Do I need to put money down to buy a small house?

    My apartments made me sign this pet screening addendum that limits me to a 24/G aquarium. Then you’re supposed to pay extra $20 a month for it. So if I get caught with the 105/G I’m sure they’ll have me take it down, fine me, and could even evict me. Not sure what to do now, because most...
  5. Reefahholic

    Going Bare Bottom? Paint bottom or Starboard?

    If you have regular plate glass...it may not look as white as you may think especially when you add different light spectrums to it. Here’s one I did a while back. Here is the starboard bottom of my new tank. Leave room for the silicone bead on bottom panel. This is usually 1/2”-1”...
  6. Reefahholic

    GEO Calcium Reactor

    Just incase anybody is wondering. I was told he was running behind and backed up with orders. I ordered on 3/18 and will receive this Wednesday 4/14. So he’s not running behind. Takes about 4 weeks like normal. I got custom colors too.
  7. Reefahholic

    Triggerfish Attack

  8. Reefahholic

    Raja Ampat- Indo (4K)

    Diving starts at 2:30
  9. Reefahholic

    Favorite bone cutters?

    I need to buy a new pair. Anybody have a specific brand they like? Let me know!
  10. Reefahholic

    Greg Carroll vs Amado Gonzalez- Radion G5 vs Kessil

    If you missed this drama, it was good. Greg pulled over on the side of the road to join the live stream. 😂 Amado was boasting how Kessil was the best light with the best spectrum, spread, etc. However, the data shows otherwise. Greg had to correct him. If you don’t know Greg, he’s president of...
  11. Reefahholic

    I “thought” all the Tangs at Live Aquaria were out of stock (modified)

    What tha heck? Has it been like this?
  12. Reefahholic

    Kamoer X2SR WiFi for Auto Water Change

    Could this pump replace the Liter Meter, Stunner, or Apex. Could this be Cody’s new favorite pump?
  13. Reefahholic

    Anybody have the Kamoer FX-STP WiFi?

    Qurious how it’s working for you? Connectivity issues at all?
  14. Reefahholic

    Calcium Reactor Media- What the heck happened?

    What were you using and what are you using now. What have you tried? What was the difference? How did your corals respond? Is it dissolving? Did you increase the drip rate? Did you have to increase your gas? pH more depressed now? Did TLF loose their collecting spot or what? Was it COVID...
  15. Reefahholic

    Best Algae ID thread ever!

    :LOL: https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/algae-identification.812276/
  16. Reefahholic

    Bertram Capital Announces investment in Bulk Reef Supply?

    BERTRAM CAPITAL ANNOUNCES INVESTMENT IN BULK REEF SUPPLY Source: Bertram Capital Announces Investment in Bulk Reef Supply FOSTER CITY, CA: February 9, 2021 -- Bertram Capital (“Bertram”) announced today that it has made an investment in Golden Valley, MN-based Bulk Reef Supply (“BRS” or the...