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  1. SCUBAFreaky

    SBB Hephaestus or Dogecoin

    Okay, maybe this is a dumb and naïve question, but did you really buy some SBB Hephaestus Zoas? And if you already answered that question, please forgive me. I stopped reading all of the posts once this thread went heavy on the crypto. Sorry. However, if you're really bought some and gonna...
  2. SCUBAFreaky

    Member Spotlight - May 2021

    @Daniel92481 You should totally post picks of your pico!
  3. SCUBAFreaky


    Thank you so much MARSH BoD and all of the sponsors! This is SO awesome!!
  4. SCUBAFreaky

    Want to Buy WTB Lowboy tanks

    Sounds like maybe some frag tanks in the works...YAAYYY!!! Does this mean more 2AM Cody frags more often at some point?!
  5. SCUBAFreaky

    Any tortoise fanciers here?

    He sure is pretty! Maybe an Eastern Box Turtle? I looked it up. I had no idea otherwise.
  6. SCUBAFreaky

    Low pH?

    I've suspected for a while that there is something missing in my water affecting how the Algae grows, that's impacting SPS polyp extension and my zoa health. When my tank started showing signs of trouble in October I did several ICP tests. Iodine was on the low side. 0.03 ppm. I dosed for a...
  7. SCUBAFreaky

    Low pH?

    I hope to get pH test kit this weekend. I am going to borrow a CO2 scrubber this weekend. This should tell us if this a high CO2 problem or not. I am very curious about running the scrubber. Kinda excited actually.
  8. SCUBAFreaky

    Low pH?

    To my surprise after I did my last water change my nitrates were 27 ppm. I've been running an algae turf scrubber for the last year and my nitrates had been running near zero or slightly above. I find it odd that my nitrates are this high. I stopped checking it since it was always close to...
  9. SCUBAFreaky


    The exact same thing happened to me last night.
  10. SCUBAFreaky

    Low pH?

    Actually, I have not verified that the recal was accurate. I do have a stand alone Milwaukee probe that I can calibrate and get a second reading from. You're right, I shouldn't put so much faith in the Apex and BRS probe calibration. As far as gas exchange goes I do run a skimmer and my...
  11. SCUBAFreaky

    Low pH?

    I definitely want to give the scrubber a try!
  12. SCUBAFreaky

    Low pH?

    To my horror I recently discovered that my pH probe had slowly drifted high by 0.5 pH. I have an Apex with a single junction BRS probe. I recalibrated the probe but now I'm stumped that my pH daily range is 7.8 to 8.0 instead of the target 8.1 to 8.3 that I thought I was maintaining. I run...
  13. SCUBAFreaky

    SWEET 17 Live Sale This Saturday & Sunday on Reef2Reef! -Check out these Teasers-

    I totally took advantage of the sale last night! And there were LOTS of good stuff left. When I was looking last night there were still 23 pages of corals still left for sale. There are still 20 pages worth as of right now. Wow! Lots of stuff left!! And @Zoanthids for such an awesome sale...
  14. SCUBAFreaky

    SWEET 17 Live Sale This Saturday & Sunday on Reef2Reef! -Check out these Teasers-

    So, how did MARSHians make out during the sale? I picked up 4 shrooms and some LPS. I'm most excited about a Lava Lamp mushroom! I've never seen such a thing. And nice job with the games @Cody!
  15. SCUBAFreaky

    Member Spotlight - April 2021

    The maggai and sriracha sauces make the fish taste good...or so I've been told.
  16. SCUBAFreaky

    Rebuild begins today WaterBox 220.6

    Ok, I have a question that is purely curiosity and education for myself. What is your mindset behind having the Ink Bird monitor the temperature and control your heater as opposed to having the Apex do it? Curious! And BTW, I love Ink Bird controllers. I have 3 of them controlling freezers...
  17. SCUBAFreaky

    Random pic of the day!

    This has got to be one of the prettiest mushrooms that I have ever seen. Did it have a name by chance??
  18. SCUBAFreaky

    Longfin clownfish

    Does this mean that you breed your clowns? Not trying to hijack Cody's thread but do you have any posts about your breeding your clownfish? Very curious.
  19. SCUBAFreaky

    Want to Buy Kessil A360X

    I'm leaning towards replacing my combo halide and T5 fixture with A360Xs and Reef Brite XHOs. So curious if anyone has any used A360Xs as an option as opposed to buying new.
  20. SCUBAFreaky

    Hydra 32 vs. XR15?

    Very interesting. Definitely want to hear your thoughts on this for sure!