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  1. Ecamden

    Frags for food

    I recently had a personal experience with God, and now have a strong calling on my heart to do something with this gift of life I was given. God has called on me to work with a homeless ministry and to help feed homeless people. I'm going to be selling frags and using the profit to buy food to...
  2. Ecamden

    Closed loop?

    I'm planning on tearing down my 180 in March and going from a mixed reef to sps only. I'd like to minimize cords so I was thinking about making a closed loop system. Has anyone here had or are currently running one? Is it worth it, or is having multiple powerheads the way to go? Sent from my...
  3. Ecamden

    Neptune cor 20 low voltage

    My Cor 20 is showing low voltage after shutting off for a water change. I shut it off through apex fusion so it wasn't a user error like unplugging it, shut it off the same way I do every time. Went to turn my pumps back on after water change and I'm getting low voltage and the return pump isn't...
  4. Ecamden

    New lights

    Just added 3 kessil ap700s to the 180. So far I'm super happy with them. Running at 50% until my turn with the Northside par meter. I'll update with readings then. But until now everything looks fantastic.