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  1. Luman01

    Apex code question?

    Hi so my skimmer is being awesome and super effective that I have to put po4 on a doser 😂So I want to only run my skimmer at night. How do I do that? I run my skimmer on the advance setting. Thanks in advance Lucas Happy Reefing!
  2. Luman01

    Toadstool spiltiing?

    about a few weeks ago now I see my toadstool starting to split i think, it started to grow a new flap but I think stopped growing it and I’m not sure if I should cut it off or leave it be? Here’s some pics of it.
  3. Luman01

    What camera do y’all use with your apex?

    A few members raised a good point on another thread today, and I’m about to order a few things from amazon. And I’d possibly would like to get a wireless camera to set it up with a view of my tank. Any recommendations of a specific one? Thanks in advance Happy Reefing! Lucas
  4. Luman01

    Has anyone ever had or has a yellow candy hogfish in there reefs?

    Came across this fish when I was looking at divers den, I was just looking for some fish ideas mainly wrasses. But this fish looks pretty cool. And I was wondering if anyone has any experiences with this fish? Or any tips? Thanks happy reefing! lucas
  5. Luman01

    Is this flukes???

    So I wake up this morning, to see my hippo with a cloudy eye... i thought she was going blind but I do more research and i think it’s flukes. Maybe skin flukes? I caught her and put her in a 3min freshwater dip, and now I have her in a fish container with tank water. To isolate her from my other...
  6. Luman01

    Well I think I have Dino’s

    I was watching BRSTV new vid while I check my stats. And look up at the tank and realized what looks like Dino’s stringy Algae with air bubbles. Recently I discovered I had 0 nitrates and phosphates. Now that I think of it I’ve had this stuff for the past month and diddnt think much of it...
  7. Luman01

    If sps are losing the color of its skin does it mean I need more nutrients?

    Just a quick general question everyone could prob benefit from. I know there’s a thread on here we a lot of people discussed this. But I’m to lazy to look for it lol so I know there’s a saying if you have low alk then high nutrients and vice Versa? Am I right or wrong? And dmuch Does lighting...
  8. Luman01

    Tabling acro names?

    Just doing some research we’ll trying to find out names for tabling acros. If you know some names that would be great. I’m talking about the sale names not so much species name but that would help a bit to. Thanks Lucas
  9. Luman01

    My dip in to the butterfly fish world

    Ok so I got a butterfly fish for “Christmas” just a small (actually he’s big for my tank) copper band. And I know that they are like 50/50 in reef tanks and that they are picky eaters. And the only thing that makes them “hard” to keep is cause of there appetite. Correct me if I’m wrong. I’m a...
  10. Luman01

    Apex user plz help!! Ph probe question

    Ok so I hooked up my apex el last night did the calibration with the 7.0 and the 10.0 fluid that it came with. I just got an alert that my ph is at 8.52!! So I grabbed my dads Hanna ph checker but it reads 8.2. And I tested it in the sump were my ph probe is at. Now my question is can i...
  11. Luman01

    A powerful message...

    Hi y’all, so I wanted to share with y’all, my very first ever short film I just released, I entered in to a Film/edit Festival I really did it to challenge my self to see if I could even do it. And I gotta say I created something amazing! It’s a very beautiful and powerful message that everyone...
  12. Luman01

    Not exactly sure how I feel about these Types of videos...

    So I’m just watching YouTube late at night when I should be sleeping but cmon what college student goes to bed on time 😂 Anyway I’m watching a vid ( I’ll link it down below) and this guy is setting up a saltwater pond for this first saltwater anything! Which I wouldn’t recommend at all knowing...
  13. Luman01

    Any security camera people?

    So we have a ranch down in South America In Colombia, and we want to install cameras around the property, that will be able to record and that we can access from here in the states. Any tips and recommendations would greatly help! Thanks Lucas
  14. Luman01

    What is this?!?!? Did I just discover a new bubble algae of sorts??

    Ok so I was feeding my fish in my 10 gal temp tank where I have a pair of clowns and a cardinal for sale lol. And I put some chaeto in there for some added nutrient export. And I saw this....( see picture) it’s looks like bubble algae but it’s not green . I thought it was a baby bta but don’t...
  15. Luman01

    Check this out!!

    It actually seems like a great concept and looks kinda cool.
  16. Luman01

    Anyone know where I can get live mysis shrimps?

    I was wondering where I could get some? If you even can. I’d love some for a more diverse fuge and would be great snacks for my male lyretail Anthias he’s a big boy 😂
  17. Luman01

    Best worker wrasse?

    Wanted to see what y’all thoughts would be on the best worker wrasse? I was thinking of the yellow corris wrasse, and leopard wrasse What else is out there that I prob diddnt think of? Thanks Happy reefing Lucas
  18. Luman01

    What’s a better bulb combination for an sps tank??

    I was just reading a thread on R2R say that primarily for a 4 bulb configuration the more white it is the better it is for acros and the blues are better for lps and softies? How true is that. I’m about to change bulbs, I think I’d rather run all blues with the t5 and use the whites from my...
  19. Luman01

    Houston we have a problem! Any trigger sump owners help plz lol 😂😂

    Ok so I have a problem with my sump... so I’m having my main drain back flow up and over my sump. It does it very quietly too so, and I need to reseal my stand as well. I’ll show pics so y’all can get an idea. Any trigger sump owners, do you know how I can take off the black entry pipe into...
  20. Luman01

    What was your first tank? Size wise

    I was reading a few threads on Reef2Reef a lot of new hobbyists for sure. Many of them asked if a nano was ok for beginners and why people tell them to go big as you can. So just curious what everyone on here started out with? I’ll share mine, I started with a fluval evo 5 gallon. I got from...