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    For Sale Corals for sale

    Curbside pickup in Sugar Land Vivid Confetti $100 (2 available) The Vinh $25 (2 available) ASD Rainbow $30 Kryptonite Candy Cane $3 per head Eagle Eye Zoa at least 20 polyps per frag plug $35 (3 available)
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    For Sale Sps pack

    $230 pick up in Sugar Land Vivid Confetti ASD Rainbow ARC Firework The Vinh Tri-color Valida
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    For Sale Phytoplankton

    1 gallon of phyto $50 pick up in Sugar Land
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    Reef Cleaners?

    Just placed my order with them 2 weeks ago. Good communication. Order showed up the very next day
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    Is it ok to setup calcium reactor in garage?

    Hi everyone, I have a newbie question. This is my first time setting up calcium reactor, is it ok to have it inside my garage since my tank is on the other side of the garage wall? Will temperature affect anything that I need to concern about? Thanks.
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    Where do you get your CO2 cylinder and refill in Sugar Land area?

    Hi everyone, I am in the process of setting up my calcium reactor and I'm looking for a CO2 cylinder. I called couple welding supply store and they only do swapping but not refilling. For their 20lb cylinder the price is around $180-$190 and $16 for the gas. I found Amazon selling a 20lb...
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    Vertex RX-C 6D Calcium Reactor

    Hi everyone, BulkReefSupply has this calcium reactor on sale right now. Has anyone use it before? I'm new to calcium reactor, any recommendation is greatly appreciated.
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    Labout's Fairy Wrasse

    Hi all, I have a question. Can a juvenile female Labout's Fairy Wrasse turn to male if there is no male Labout's Fairy Wrasse present? There is other male wrasse from different species present though. Thanks.
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    Zoa killer. Identify please

    Can someone tell me what is the white stuff with hole and brown/white tube in my zoa colony please? Are they sponge/spaghetti worm? They are killing my zoa colony. What is the best way to remove them without harming zoa? Will freshwater or coral rx dip work? Thanks a lot.
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    help identify please

    Hi everyone, can someone help me identify what are those? Are they majano anemone? If they are, how do I get rid of them? Are there any fish that are reef safe and eat those? Thanks
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    Help identify

    Hi everyone, can someone help me identify what is this animal? I caught it tonight on my zoas colony. Is it some kind of snails? good or bad??Thanks
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    Help, are these zoa eating nudibranch?

    Hello, can someone help me identify these two creature? I just dip my zoa rock with coral rx and found these two jumping around. Are they zoa eating nudibranch? If they are indeed then beside dipping, are there any fish that hunt them for food? Thanks.