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  1. boogaman

    Very Happy

    I have purchased several fish from Antonio and they have all been very health and affordable. He offers a live guarantee and even works with you on delivery if you need it. You wont be disappointed.
  2. boogaman

    Store hours

    I drove a hour to come check out your store. Hours posted on this site say open on Monday. Turns out your not. The zip code was different also.
  3. boogaman

    resize hole

    Has anyone ever redrilled a bulkhead hole in a tank to make it bigger? From say a 1'' bulkhead to a 1.5''. The problem is when I had my 200 gallon tank drilled by a friend the glass flaked around the hole. It still seals well, but when I try to sell the tank it will be a major factor. Let me...
  4. boogaman

    A pic of my goodies

    I just wanted to post a pick of some of my new additions. http://i72.photobucket.com/albums/i198/boogaman34/DSC_0016.jpg
  5. boogaman

    Copperband Butterfly

    They are on sale at saltwaterfish.com for $4.99 limit one. I needed some cleaner crew as well , so I made the $79 dollar minimum order. Gavin
  6. boogaman

    Just wanted to say.....

    Thanks for selling such a good product. I have had my system since Dec. of 05 and have had no problems. I just placed my second order for replacement membranes today. Thanks Buckeye!!! Gavin
  7. boogaman

    Superman, poker star, purple haze

    I just recieved three corals for reefhotspot.com yesterday,and all I can say is wow!! I have been looking for the poker star, superman, and the purple haze montipora for a while now. The size is much larger than I expected for the price. I have them in my tank at work for now, so after the...
  8. boogaman

    coralife contact info ?

    I am looking for a number or a web site to contact coralife. I keep doing searches, and do not come with anything usefull. All I can find are links to sellers. I just tossed the box it came in out in the trash a few days ago and now I need it. I need to buy a replacement part for a coralife...
  9. boogaman

    Powder Blue Tang

    I would like to know if any of you have a Powder Blue Tang? I am thinking about ordering one but have read that they are not easy to keep, and have been known to have ick problems. I just recently tore down my 135g and setup a 200g reef tank, so it will have plenty of room to swim. Any advise...
  10. boogaman

    Have any of you ordered from...

    reefer madness? I know what you guys are going to say first ..order from our sponsors!! I am a firm believer of supporting our sponsors and I have done my fair share of it . Sometimes you find yourself looking at other places to find things you cant get locally. So with all that being said have...
  11. boogaman

    Show us what you got!!

    I want to see pics of all the goodies you guys hauled in at the frag swap. I hate that I had to work and could not make it. So show us what you got!! Gavin
  12. boogaman

    ASM g-4 plus

    I have a PM bullet 2 and I need to up grade to a larger skimmer. I am thinking about the ASM g-4 plus. I need to know if any of you have the ASM line and how well they work for you? Any input on this would be great. Gavin
  13. boogaman

    20k 250w MH mogul socket

    I am going to change out my 10k's for 20k's and I would like to know what brands you guys like the most. With so many to choose from its hard to make up my mind and some have a large price to go along with it. Thanks for all your input guys. Gavin
  14. boogaman

    Marc Weiss Combo Vital

    I am just wanting to know if anyone has used this? Give me any input you have. Thanks. Gavin http://www.drsfostersmith.com/product/prod_display.cfm?pcatid=9966&Ntt=combo%20vital&Ntk=All&Ntx=mode+matchallpartial&Np=1&pc=1&N=0&Nty=1
  15. boogaman

    Return Pump

    I am looking for a new return pump. I need your input on the quiet one pumps. I need something that will pump about 1000 gph give or take @ 6 foot of head. I am looking for one that will not run the electric bill up too high.
  16. boogaman

    Purple up

    Is anyone using purple up? Give me your input on it. Gavin
  17. boogaman

    ro /di

    I will be calling you on Monday to ask a few questions and to make a purchase on a complete system. Thanks, Gavin