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    Anyone? any stories? success/failure?
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    GPOB Gen2 and other PIF updates

    All, I've been out lately, I apologize... anyhow, [glow=orange:3c70cc7333]first things first[/glow:3c70cc7333]: GPOB is ready to be re-piffed...a couple times...forgive my crappy camera phone...come over i'll break off a piece for you...we'll get to that later, i wish i had a pic of when i...
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    dimmable PAR38 bulb?

    check this out: anyone seen this before? http://www.amazon.com/Dimmable-Power-Par38-Aquarium-Corals/dp/B004KW1T2C
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    i <3 this fish...what is it?

    i'm a big fan of this fish...but i can't find what it is...anyone?
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    BFS is my new BFF!

    yes, color me hanna montana... :( timeline: (all times local) 0530: i wake up and start browsing the website 0600: i realize i'm oblivious, start searching forums for the info i need 0730: give up 0825: PM Russ 0827: Recieve reply from Russ 0838: Call Russ and ask a buncha questions that were...
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    Tempered VS Regular glass

    OK, so i'm thinking about making a glass 40g cube... i did the calculations and found that i'd need between 1/4 and 3/8" glass on the sides to make the tank...with 1/2" glass on the bottom.. i called to get a quote from my local glass shop and for the pieces i need it was $200 to get the glass...
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    40 gallon cube

    so i was piddling around in googlesketch and came up with this idea...anyone seen any of these around? i can find the usual 29 gallon and less but i can't find anything in the 40 gallon range that's a cube... i want the overflow and bulkheads in the back...as well as the back piece of the...
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    the mystery coral

    i have no clue...neither does any website, anywhere that i've looked at corals...
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    do i never see this stuff till it's too late? http://houston.craigslist.org/zip/2178684290.html
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    This would be super cool

    http://houston.craigslist.org/fuo/2176612559.html discuss :D
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    non profit fundraiser

    the CGEA, which i'm VP of is having a fundraiser tonight...the chic-fil-a near fish gallery... we work in the local community and help service members who are having a hard time...last year we held a poker tournament that donated $1,500 to the families of THIS tragedy...
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    sweet deal

    http://houston.craigslist.org/pet/2146219171.html must resist urge to offer my 10 gallon...for the one on his forearm...wonder if he'll need help removing the appendage.... lord i hope this isn't anyone on here
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    definition of overkill

    Guess who this PICO belongs to!?
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    Diablo II

    Who remembers this relic? while cleaning out my closet i found it...installing now
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    Pay It Forward (PIF) Program Guidelines/Theory/Concept

    [glow=blue:c3021b4da7]DISCLAIMER:[/glow:c3021b4da7] M.A.R.S.H. has no responsibility and/or liability for this program, it's just something we decided to try and do...if others want to catch the "fever" all responsibility is placed the individual and they take all risk, damages, and losses...
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    BLUETHROAT Triggers

    Stopped by and grabbed the blue throat trigger pair from Dennis yesterday...as usual his customer service is unblelievable! he literally moved EVERY rock in the tank just to get me 2 fish out! as has been stated before Dennis will go the extra mile for you and you know WE ALL appreciate it...
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    another attempt to explain P.I.F.

    P.I.F. stands for "Pay it Forward" (if you've seen the movie you'll definately understand) ok, so i'm going to attempt to explain this, and i say we just do it, if it takes off and the mods think we need another forum they'll be able to add it and move all our threads there...hell, i'll even...
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    PIF MELON ZOAS..."born" OCTOBER 2010

    In line with this post i'm offering up to frag my melon zoas, mostly because this is the only thing i have that's grown out enough to cut in 1/2... I bought this frag in October of 2010 from an online store it has been in my tank ever since and has flourished from 5 pylops into something big...
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    Frag tank Project

    OK...so, here's the new thread for what we started talking about in the wrong thread... this is how it started: Llama, Gabe_j, and Ostentum all expressed interest initially...and it kept growing... the original proposal: enter the last guy that tried this:
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    SUMP Build

    so i finally got the stuff to put together my sump, and with my gigantic, swollen ankle i hobbled around and glued it together this weekend... Putting the first piece on, I used Melev's guides for most of this...not quite done but it's coming along, still have to cut the top flange and braces...