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  1. BigRick

    For Sale Dry Rock

    Has had a 'light muratic acid bath'. $40 some.big pieces.
  2. BigRick


    I've never seen one over an inch big. This guy is about 1.5". Time for harlequin shrimp. That star will definetly eat coral.
  3. BigRick

    Love oil...

  4. BigRick

    For Sale Pencil Urchins

    Have 2 purple ✏ urchins. $20 each. Body golf all size, spikes about tennis ball.
  5. BigRick

    Blackoutz coming to you....

    As stated in another thread... be prepared for rolling blackouts.... my daughters school was without power today for an hour around 2. 77065... cypress n houston / Jones rd
  6. BigRick

    Brs discount today

  7. BigRick

    Me spine MRI's

    You can see my spinal cord losing its protective sheeting, disc collapsing, buldging, curvature.. etc... im a twist away from being a paraplegic 13 yrs of football, 14 in basketball, 8 in baseball, 7 totaled car wrecks, 4 motorcycle accidents, born with cervical spinal stenosis,.allergic to pain...
  8. BigRick

    Shelf rock TLF STAX

    Any vendors in town carry TLF STAX shelf rock... either macro or caribsea..
  9. BigRick

    For Sale Occellaris Clownfish

    Another rehome... I have way too many clowns... about 3".. $30
  10. BigRick

    Make Bounce Shrooms

    Lets make some bounce HFOs
  11. BigRick


    Ercot said be ready tonight guys... power outages could occurr from the winter storms... backups o_O
  12. BigRick

    Want to Buy Baby brine shrimp or eggs

    I have San Francisco Bay brine but they're to small for the fry already.
  13. BigRick

    Want to Buy Rotifers

    Any breeders out there with some roitfers or artemia?
  14. BigRick

    Got bubble?

  15. BigRick

    Any local sump builders

    Any local sump builders? Or companies in general that will build to your dimensions. I talked to Ben but he's not doing them at the moment. I will wait if have too and rig up something meanwhile for the moment.
  16. BigRick

    No power

    Centerpoint says it will do rolling blackouts 15 min to more then an hour to help keep ercot overload under control.
  17. BigRick

    Slip and slide

    Went to warehouse to check on tanks and roads are icing over here in cypress. Be careful. The time is here. Hope you didn't wait.
  18. BigRick

    Pro LED supply

    Has anyone done any business with them lately? I ordered a biocube LED light setup in early Jan and payment withdrawn on my account Jan13th. I have no updates, I've emailed, no response.. called no one answers.... I know covid but this is still a business.....
  19. BigRick

    Atleast someone is asleep

    Its never me.
  20. BigRick

    PETCO $1 / Gallon Sale

    Anyone know when the next one is gonna happen? I've been checking for the past 2-3 months with no luck. Seemed like at the beginning of the year they were having them monthly. I wonder if Aqueon got bought out by Tetra cause that's the only tanks I've seen come in lately. I picked up a 10...