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  1. Ecamden

    T5 Combination

    Forgive my lack of photography skills
  2. Ecamden

    T5 Combination

    Blue plus Atinic Blue plus Coral plus 61 in t5 hybrid fixture with 2 ap700s
  3. Ecamden

    Cycling dry rock

    If you're starting with dry rock, yes do it in a separate container. Dry rock in my experience with fill the water with po4. It will help with the ugly phase. I wouldn't worry about cycling perse but definitely to cure the rocks. After about 3 months the po4 was finally readable, and I did...
  4. Ecamden

    Jebao Wavemaker SLW vs. SOW vs. RW for 90G tank

    I had 2 of the 20's on my frag tank and they moved a ton of water
  5. Ecamden

    20 gallon long

    Be patient! That's the biggest thing to do. Manually remove as much algae as you can, and test nitrates and phosphate. Do water changes and slug it out for the first year. Your tank is still young. My first year was awful but now my tank is pretty alright lol
  6. Ecamden


    I've used him and would again of i ever get more fish. Very fair prices and honest. I had one doa and he offered multiple options for making it right. Also he held one fish due to it acting sick and sent another one the next week.
  7. Ecamden

    Which would you choose Vortech MP40's or Maxspect XF350's or even IceCap 4k's?

    They're no more difficult than taking apart the wet side from an ecotech
  8. Ecamden

    Feet / Egg-crate raisers

    I've always used short pieces of pvc pipe and drilled holes through and zip tied them
  9. Ecamden

    Which would you choose Vortech MP40's or Maxspect XF350's or even IceCap 4k's?

    No, just the controller pad it came with. Its pretty easy to set up and use my apex for feed mode, just turning off the outlet
  10. Ecamden

    Which would you choose Vortech MP40's or Maxspect XF350's or even IceCap 4k's?

    I love my gyres, especially being able to run them in anti sync mode and off one power source
  11. Ecamden

    Lighting over a 60gal

    They're good for about a year and a half according to brs
  12. Ecamden

    Lighting over a 60gal

    I believe they're luxbird from Amazon. I made diffusers for them and it helped some but the even coverage of the t5 is what made me switch
  13. Ecamden

    Lighting over a 60gal

    Just be careful with black boxes though. Some are way stronger than you'd think. I have a set I'm not using because they were putting out so much par it was cooking coral. Turned down halfway i was getting over 900 par at 6in with the light up 24 in above the water
  14. Ecamden

    Lighting over a 60gal

    T5s will grow anything provided you use the right bulbs. Ati blue plus is perfect in my opinion, and you can add a few different bulbs for color. Ati has bulb arrangements suggestions on their website. Leds will give you the shimmer that t5 don't though. I use led for the shimmer on my main...
  15. Ecamden

    Lighting over a 60gal

    Why not just run your t5s?
  16. Ecamden

    Apex code question

    If you want everything to turn back on in 20 min. I use the defer for my skimmer and ato for 5 min after the return comes back on to make sure the water levels are right
  17. Ecamden

    shout out

    Agreed. From what I can see it looks more like cyanobacteria or dinoflagellates. Its it stringy and bubbly? Brown and powdery? Or purple and sheet like?
  18. Ecamden

    shout out

    You're welcome! It was really cool meeting you. Good luck with them!
  19. Ecamden

    Live Phytoplankton question

    Smell it. If it smells fine then it's fine, but if it smells rotten or sour then its trash