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    Giving Away Chaeto

    I would be interested in some Chaeto. Will PM you
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    Want to Buy EcoTech VorTech MP40 W Power Supply

    Looking to buy an EcoTech VorTech MP40 W Power Supply. This is for the older MP 40 W Ecosmart Driver unit. Part # MP 136-US. P/N: 10136 (24 V - 2.5 A) Text me @ 281 467 9002 Thanks
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    Disease ID - HELP

    Thank you for all the advise and feedback. Some of the fish did have loss of appetite and were acting reclusive before they died. Latest Update - Yesterday, I met with Dr. Sharon R. Tiberio, DVM, CertAqV in Dallas. She is a Certified Aquatic Veterinarian. Home Drove up to Dallas with my...
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    Disease ID - HELP

    No skin was peeling off but it definitely lost color.
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    Any Fish Vets in Houston area?

    Is anyone familiar with fish vets in the Houston or close by area? The only closest vet who treats fish that one I have come across thru the fishvets.org website is based out of Dallas. Sharon R. Tiberio, DVM, CertAqV Certified Aquatic Veterinarian 954.552.4001 myfishvet.com email...
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    Disease ID - HELP

    I have had some recent fish additions in this 150G tank. The butterfly's were added on August 14th (they were in QT for almost a month) and added 2 wrasses and 3 juvenile chocolate tangs on the 18th. The Chocolate tangs were in isolation for almost 3 weeks. Added some snails on 26th. 1st...
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    Disease ID - HELP

    I am dealing with a disease outbreak in one of my FOWLR tanks and have lost around 14 fish in a matter of days. Lost my colony of Saddle back clowns, multiple yellow pyramid butterfly fish, and chocolate tangs. There may be 3 fish left. I have been using Rally Reef for 3 days and Kick Ick for...
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    frag swap and pool party

    I will be able to make it. May have few hardware for sale/swap.
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    DaStaCo XtremA Model A-4 Calcium Reactor

    Does anyone have experience with this equipment or have instructions on how to set-up and maintain this? Got a unit with no instructions. Thanks
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    Reef Breeders Photon48 Fixture Questions -

    Does anyone have recommendations for the best light intensity for this fixture? I seem to be burning some SPS corals. Looking for some program guides by channels (white & blue) that is working for folks. Thanks
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    Help...Any advise to control Grape Caulerpa :-)

    I am new to the hobby. Got some LR couple of weeks ago and now I got Grape Caulerpa growing like crazy in my main tank. Anything I can do to control/remove this? Thanks