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  1. RR-MAN

    For Sale Tunze Care Magnet STRONG

    Tunze care magnet used less than a year - one of the best magnets. sold my Red Sea tank so no need for it. Also, i put it in tank only at glass cleaning time otherwise it stayed dry. Price: $60 [BRS sells it for $94] https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/care-magnet-strong-0220-025-tunze.html
  2. RR-MAN

    For Sale Neptune apex WXM module

    In good working condition Note: if your ecotech equipment is mobius ready this will not work. PROCE : $60
  3. RR-MAN

    For Sale Neptune AFS - Neptune Fish Feeder

    Used for a very short time - in excellent condition. Note: Must own a neptune apex to use not a stand alone unit- connects with Aqua Bus cable (not included). https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/automatic-feeding-system-neptune-systems.html PRICE: $50
  4. RR-MAN

    For Sale DOS & DDR Dosing System Package - Neptune Systems $300

    DOS/DDR very very lightly used for about 10 months - last of my Neptune stuff Going with a calcium reactor on the new set up that’s why I’m selling.
  5. RR-MAN

    Trade: yellow tang for a sump

    I need a sump for my frag tank and I would like to trade one of my yellow tangs (you can choose I got 2 medium 1 large). EVEN TRADE - fish for a sump. Any size sump 30” - 48” in length is okay The smaller the sump the higher the quality in order for the trade to take place Must be in...
  6. RR-MAN

    Want to Buy Glass drill bit 27mm - 32mm

    Trying to drill my frag tank need a glass drill bit. Would prefer locally before I order online. I can meet at OLA or FJW
  7. RR-MAN

    Home Depot GE SIlicone

    Hey Guys, Do you know if HD or Lowe’s still sell GE Silicon safe for aquarium use. It’s been years since I used that stuff. I have a little project I’m working on.
  8. RR-MAN

    Any SQL users with experience

    Need help with some queries. Any SQL users on Marsh?
  9. RR-MAN

    RO DI lines outside

    Just as an FYI If you are running ro di lines outside check it for leaks few times a year. I noticed pin hole leaks in the incoming water line. I noticed my booster pump gauge was reading 90 vs 100. So I knew something is up with the income water line. Not sure what’s causing it but you know...
  10. RR-MAN

    Radion G5 screw size

    The G5 fixture does not come with screws like G4. Does anyone know screw size so I can get from HD? Shame on you ecotech marine for not including screws with the fixture-how much reefers pay for these lights. [emoji107][emoji107][emoji107]
  11. RR-MAN

    Interesting video fake pandemic?

  12. RR-MAN

    Indo corals coming soon hopefully

    Great news [emoji106] https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/indonesian-cultured-coral-exports-will-resume-next-week.679205/
  13. RR-MAN

    Great Depression of 2030

    The company I work for is trying to reach a billion in sales in the next 3 years so they hired this economic firm to do some forecasting. The part that got me was they were talking about macro economics and brought up that there will me a severe depression sometimes by 2030s similar to the one...
  14. RR-MAN

    Solar Panel Scam

    This is a great informative video. So much good info before you sign up for solar.
  15. RR-MAN

    HI772 Alkalinity Checker Reagent inconsistencies

    I have been noticing inconsistencies with the Hanna reagent. I buy at least two bottles at a time for comparison purposes. One reagent tested 7.5 DKH while the other 7.8 DKH. I wasn’t sure which was one accurate so tested again with salifert which came up with 7.8 DKH.
  16. RR-MAN

    Freshwater mollies in reef/salt water tank

    After watching a reef builder video I decided to add a couple of freshwater mollies to the tank. I was amazed how well they graze on algae. My tank is pretty new/clean but have some diatom on the rock and back wall. Any of you guys keep mollies in salt water tank?
  17. RR-MAN

    Here comes indo corals...

    This is huge-I don’t think the new appointed guy is as aggressive as the previous lady (Sushi). Give it a few months see what happens. https://www.google.com/amp/s/news.mongabay.com/2019/10/indonesias-ex-fisheries-minister-susi-pudjiastuti-leaves-big-shoes-to-fill/amp/
  18. RR-MAN

    Black tang >$ Gem tang

    This can’t be right? Must be one special black tang.
  19. RR-MAN

    Red Sea 750 XXL

    The same day David/Urban was moving the old 500/g tank out of the house I ordered the new tank-wanted an elos but could not justify the cost. So decided to go with Red Sea reefer 750 XXL Delivery day was today but dang Red Sea warehouse people missed some pieces of the stand...
  20. RR-MAN

    Apex shuts off skimmer every few days

    So I have noticed that my skimmer shuts off every 3-5 days without any reason. Some basic info: Skimmer plugged in outlet 5 Return pump is outlet 3 Skimmer has a 15 minute delay if return pump turns off apex software up to date by the way... See my basic programming-nothing has changed...