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  1. MARSH BoD

    Member Spotlight - June 2021

    Member Spotlight June 2021 Favorite Fish Photo Let's take out that camera and get our little friends some Spotlight! This Month Member Spotlight contest will be "Favorite Fish Photo". The photo with the most Votes "Likes" Win! The PRIZE!!! $50 to Jason Fox Start posting your pictures...
  2. MARSH BoD


    The deadline has ended to signup for the gift card raffle. Now you're probably wondering when the raffle is going to be and if you have won one. Well, we have good news and bad news.... bad news first, there is not going to be a raffle. The good news is, there is not going to be a raffle...
  3. MARSH BoD

    Member Spotlight - May 2021

    Member Spotlight May 2021 Nano and Pico FTS Alrighty, for all those Nano and Pico tanks out there. Let's see your FTS!!! This month we will dedicate 15 min of fame to you guys! Clean those glass and get those cameras out show us what you got. Please Note: Nano: 30 Gallon and under. Pico: 5...