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  1. Cody

    Recommendations for new windows

    Hello, everyone. I’m looking to upgrade from single pane windows to double pane windows to help make my home more energy efficient and comfortable. Have any of y’all upgraded your homes? Which company did you use? How much did it cost per window?
  2. Cody

    Talking Shop

    I normally spend an hour or two per day talking shop about reef tanks but I’ve been out of town lately and haven’t had the chance. What’s going on with your tank? Doing well? Why? Failing? Why?
  3. Cody

    Harbor Freight Generators

    I FINALLY was able to find a 9000w generator at Harbor Freight. They just them in stock a day ago and only had two left at the Conroe location. I haven’t seen a single 9000w generator in stock in the entire city of Houston and everywhere all the way down to McAllen for weeks. It looks like a few...
  4. Cody

    For Sale Zoas and Hammers and Bounce, oh my!

    My frag rack is completely full again. Time to make a little room and find some new homes for these fellas! For every $50 dollars you buy, I'll knock off an additional 5%, up to 20% off max (except for hammers and bounce mushrooms)! If you spend more than $100 then I will deliver it to...
  5. Cody

    Mother’s Day Gift Today

    So my Mom just got into reefing so I gave her some bounce mushrooms today. What did y’all get your mothers today for Mother’s Day?
  6. Cody

    For Sale Softie Tank Cleanout

    Hello, everyone! I'm going to be selling off most of what's in my softie tank. I'm probably going to be upgrading tanks soon (yay bigger tanks!) and this one has become overgrown. I need to thin out what I have a little to make a move easier. PayPal to hold. Pickup in the Spring/Woodlands area...
  7. Cody

    Want to Buy WTB Lowboy tanks

    Anyone have some lowboys (48”x24”x10”) that they’d like to sell? I’m looking for two. I got bored with my fish room and decided I want to mix it up. Come to find out, I like building reef tanks just as much, if not more, than looking at them haha
  8. Cody

    Happy Easter!

    What, no Happy Easter thread yet?! I’ll start it off! Post up some funny videos or gifs that are Easter related! I’ll start off with this one. It’s the only day I can share her this video and it’s not weird. It’s also weird on this day haha
  9. Cody

    Longfin clownfish

    Shout out to Fish Gallery in the woodlands! I live close to them and needed a replacement sicce pump for my calcium reactor. I went and checked their livestock and they had two longfin clownfish for $65 each!!! I decided that I’ve spent too much money lately and just left with my pump. I got...
  10. Cody

    Calling all seahorses!

    Seahorses are my new frontier but I don’t know much about keeping them. All insight and experience is welcome down to what diameters the tank should be. Anyone with experience, please feel free to add on. How do I keep these suckers happy and healthy?
  11. Cody

    For Sale Stimulus Check Corals: Zoas And Some Other Goodies!

    Well, it's been a little while since I posted stuff for sale, and things have definitely been growing! It's time to make a little room so I can start trimming back some other corals that are getting out of hand. As always, if you buy more than $100 and live in the greater Houston area then I...
  12. Cody

    Going Forward After Your Tank Got Cold

    I know there are lot of people that got hit, and I feel terrible for y'all. I wanted to take a minute to write up what you can expect going forward getting your tank back online though. As your power comes on, your tank gets back to normal temperatures, there are a few things you need to be on...
  13. Cody

    BRS Heaters

    Are any of y’all using their titanium heaters? What’s your opinion of them?
  14. Cody

    Coral Hierarchy Of Needs

    I had, what I believe was, an interesting perspective on our water parameters and corals and wanted to share. These amazing creatures can provide you with joy, pride, and frustration. When they’re doing well, you’re blown away and excited to look at your tank everyday! When they’re in poor...
  15. Cody

    Blue Hippo Tang Fighting Itself

    Every now and then, I’ll look over and my blue hippo tang has all its fins flared out and is aggressively attacking the glass. I believe my dumb but pretty fish has seen its own reflection and is fighting the reflection. Does anyone else’s fish do this or do I have an ignoramus for a fish?
  16. Cody

    Dream Tank

    Alright, I won the lotto. What kind of filtration will I need for this kind of system?
  17. Cody

    Urchin Hats

    I found this pic on Reddit. I have an urchin and I’ve already reached out to have some 3D printed. I want my urchin to wear a top hat!!!
  18. Cody

    Local Clubs/Forums Across The USA

    @gregg and I were talking, and we were wondering if marsh is the most active reef forum that’s not national. I started looking around for different clubs and the only one that came close was the SoCal one, and it’s not as active as ours. Does anyone know any local clubs that are pretty active...
  19. Cody

    Death Of A Hammer Coral

    So I got this true Blue Hammer from someone months ago and the main heads were dying. There were a few little babies on the bottom, but I was watching the main heads melt in my tank. It was a very unsettling experience because I love all things blue, and this was my first encounter with a blue...
  20. Cody

    How to pronounce “Chaetomorpha”

    I’ve always wondered which was correct, but I finally googled it. I’m not sure what their sources are, but there seems to be a couple saying “kee-toe-morph-uh” and not “chay-toe-morph-uh” https://www.howtopronounce.com/chaetomorpha-linum https://howjsay.com/search?word=chaetomorpha